Seen & Heard: Saluggi’s and Sea World

••• The ground floor of 22 Desbrosses (at Greenwich) is getting what appears to be a thorough renovation. The word is that it’s residential.

••• Industria Argentina is closed for renovations. I’ve called to try and find out what’s happening and when it’s reopening, but there has been no answer.

••• On my way home from StuzziPane Panelle last night, I popped into Saluggi’s to ask what they’d be doing with the Sea World space. I was told “possibly sandwiches.”

••• From the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (via Curbed): “Construction of the innovative new SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park is progressing steadily, and […] it will now open with complete moving parts. The carousel was initially expected to open this spring with only the turntable operational. That opening date will now be pushed to fall 2012, letting crews complete the up-and-down/swivel mechanism for each fish on the carousel.”

••• Also from the LMCCC: “Construction of a new condominium building at 371 Broadway [previously known as Five Franklin Place] is expected to resume in February with foundation work, after being on hold since 2008. The 20-story tower, located at Broadway and Franklin Street, will be built atop the existing five-story buildings, with steel replacing the original wood frames.” That link, however, says 17 stories will be added, for a total of 22…?



  1. I’ll be very surprised if Industria Argentina reopens. Too bad.

  2. 22 Desbrosses is going residential, my friend sold it after living there for over 30 years & it will stay residential or that is what was said.

  3. @Suzanne: I worried about that, since posting a “closed for renovations” sign is what many closing restaurants do, but I called IA’s sister restaurant and they say IA is reopening in two weeks (as I’ll soon mention again in another Seen & Heard roundup).