Seen & Heard: Hugh Jackman

••• I was getting increasingly concerned about Industria Argentina—the sign in the window says it’s closed for renovations, but there’s nothing about for how long, and no one answers the phone and the owner won’t email me back—so I called its sister restaurant, Azul. The guy who answered the phone said IA will reopen in two weeks.

••• This Wednesday, Hugh Jackman will attend the official opening of the Battery Place Market on Goldman Alley (time TBD)—it’s because Laughing Man coffee is being sold there. UPDATE: It looks like this is up in the air, so don’t go picking out an outfit just yet. UPDATE #2: The press release that Battery Place Market put out this morning was evidently a total fabrication; Jackman won’t even be in the country on Wednesday. I remember when a press release used to mean something….

••• Potbelly‘s new sign says it’s “coming soonish” (er, thanks) to Broadway between Reade and Chambers. It also mentions live local music, which is evidently part of its brand.

••• The Proud Egyptian from Twin Café (which just closed) will be cooking breakfast at Portobello, the pizza joint.

••• J. Crew’s Ludlow Shop will open at Hudson and Thomas on Feb. 29. Also: 2012 is a leap year.


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