In the News: Varick Rendering

••• Someone slipped Curbed a rendering of the building coming to 20 Varick (a.k.a. 11 N. Moore), first reported on here.

••• Midtown Lunch is concerned that Mike’s Papaya is out of business: “The gate’s been down for a couple of days (as you can see from the picture he snapped). They weren’t shuttered by the Department of Health, so it’s a little bit of a mystery why they’re closed.” (Photo courtesy Midtown Lunch.)

••• “Workers restoring the landmarked Pier A have discovered even more rotten wood on the historic structure, bumping up the cost for the massive redevelopment project by nearly $1 million.” —DNAinfo

••• “The Brooklyn district attorney indicted eight New Yorkers yesterday for fraudulently receiving Medicaid benefits and food stamps, even as they raked in thousands of dollars and owned properties. […] One of the defendants, Mohammed Irshad Chaudhry, 58, allegedly collected more than $146,000 in Medicaid benefits between January 2004 and November 2011. Prosecutors say he lied on his Medicaid applications, saying he earned about $300 a week while working at Super Punjab Auto Repair shop in Long Island City. He also claimed he was a ‘helper’ at a Tribeca tea shop. However, in reality Chaudhry owns both those businesses, prosecutors said, and makes $8,000 each month from them.” —Metro


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  1. Mikes is closed down. Sad because they had good coffee