Best of Tribeca: Deli Sandwich?

When I did that survey, someone suggested that I canvass readers to find out the best of a given category: cup of coffee, chocolate-chip cookie, etc. The other day, after Ronak Parikh asked me on Twitter where to find the best deli sandwich in Tribeca, I thought the question was a good one to start with—the contenders didn’t strike me as immediately obvious.

Someone, I don’t recall who (Paul Bettany?), immediately tweeted Pane Panelle, the sandwich offshoot/new name of Stuzzicheria. And what came to my mind—although I had yet to try any—were the sandwiches on the lunch/brunch menu at Kutsher’s Tribeca. I wanted a photo of the pastrami one, so I went and had it for lunch. It was pretty damn good. If you’re only rarely going to eat meat, you might as well do it in style.

Enough about me: Where’s the best deli sandwich in the area?

From Twitter:
• “It’s not a deli, but the turkey curry sandwich at Kaffe 1668 is my favorite.” —LisaALeigh



  1. For me the best is New Fancy Foods, on Broadway!

  2. I think the Kutsher’s pastrami sandwich is $18 or something. Sorry, I grew up on that kind of (Jewish soul) food and that’s just not right. I’m sure the quality is excellent and all, but the price is a drag on the experience.

    On a more positive note, Matt Pomerantz, owner of Zucker’s, was raving about their pastrami. He insists it’s up there with the best of them, but few people know how special it is. I’ve yet to try it, but I saw it being prepared and it really looked terrific.

  3. There used to be a great sandwich shop on the corner of Greenwich and Chambers (in the spot where the Little Pie Company used to be). Now for sandwiches I like turkey on a bagel at Zuckers or Yorganic (not traditional deli but good!).

  4. D’Alidoro at Puffy’s. End of discussion.

  5. Not sure if it counts as a deli sandwich, but the seasonal BLT at ‘wichcraft is pretty damn good.

  6. Benvenuto (on Greenwich and Franklin) has the most delicious sandwich – the Hallumi sandwich.
    It’s so good I may have to have it this weekend.
    Try it…seriously.

  7. -I’ve recently discovered the pastrami at Zucker’s and it’s really good. Like Katz’s deli good. Go after 4:00p and there’s a 25% afternoon discount that brings the price down to under $7. Have it on and everything bagel.
    -The heros from Saluggi’s are great. Grilled sausage and brocolli rabe is so good!
    -Underwhelmed with Panne Panelle. Really good, but too pricey and precious
    -The sandwiches at Baba Ganouge on Church Street go from good to great if you upgrade to the French Bread.
    -The Vietnamese sandwiches at Mangez Avec Moi Express are good.
    -Wichcraft always makes great sandwiches.

  8. The “pastrami” sandwich at Kutsher’s is a good sandwich (if overpriced), but it ain’t pastrami. The first time I had it, it was too garlicky, too salty, too heavily smoked, and not spiced enough. The second time, it was less smoky and the spice came through more, but it still was not the pastrami I grew up eating at my aunt and uncle’s deli in the Bronx.

    What this says is that they have not yet reached a consistent product. Until that happens, even if you think it’s great pastrami (my sister-in-law kvelled over it), it’s out of contention. If they would make a sandwich with their fabulous tongue, THEN we’d have something to talk about.

    Back on topic: agree about the banh mi at Mangez.

  9. throwing in a strong third vote for the Vietnamese sandwiches at Mangez Avec Moi Express. just say chicken, medium spicy, light mayo…boom.

  10. The El Greco sandwich at Grandaisy bakery is incredible. I’m not a vegetarian but eagerly look forward to this meatless pannini.

  11. Always enjoy the BLT special at Clementine.

  12. We live 3 doors down from Zuckers and their corned beef sandwiches are great!