In the News: Jungsik’s New York Times Review

••• The New York Times gives Jungsik two stars. It’s a thoughtful, spot-on review: “Mr. Yim’s food is plated, and plated with a vengeance, with bits of this and that marching in neat, colorful chorus lines across expansive white plates. Inside a vibrant green circle of cilantro and jalapeño sauce is a red snapper fillet that literally sparkles; the scales are left on the skin, and exposure to blistering oil makes them puff and stand up in translucent points of amber. It’s an achievement, this crust made of fish-scale sequins, and it’s wonderful to eat. In the shadows of refinement, though, lurk dullness and pretension, and Jungsik sometimes slips into one or the other. Some dishes come and go without leaving much impression. Early on, the service was fluttery and nervous-making; now it tends toward a mannered formality that is almost a parody of fancy-restaurant etiquette. And the price, while lower than it was at first, is still what real estate brokers would call ‘aggressive.’ (A five-course dinner is $115, and a three-course menu, the only other option, costs $80.) This may explain why Jungsik was half empty on a recent night. I wish more New Yorkers would give the place a chance. I also wish the place would give more New Yorkers a chance. Friendlier prices and a more comfortable tone would be a start if the restaurant, an import from Seoul, wants to adapt to its new environment.”

••• “Sharif El-Gamal, who hopes to construct a community center with a mosque near the World Trade Center site, is trying to sell a building. But those who oppose his plans may be disappointed to find out it is not the property on Park Place near the site, and in fact there’s speculation that he is trying to sell 31 W. 27th St. to push the community center forward.” —Crain’s

••• “Holly Van Voast showed her breasts in front of Manhattan Criminal Court Tuesday.” She’s the one who popped up at Barnes & Noble recently. —DNAinfo



  1. Thank you, Erik, for keeping us abreast of Ms. Van Voast’s tituation. Do you know if she has a titter feed we can follow as well?

  2. @Jim: Boobs really bring out the breast in you.

  3. @Erik – That’s so true. But I see boobs all the time in Tribeca, whether they’re in Barnes & Noble, or patting themselves on the back for living in Tribeca pre-“Tribeca,” or standing in line for breakfast at Bubby’s – they’re everywhere. It would make a great photo series for you.