In the News: Marble House

••• The Wall Street Journal details the convoluted back story of the American Express Carriage House (60 Collister) and, in particular, the three-story “Marble House” condo inside it. (It was created by Stuart Parr.) Floor-to-ceiling marble really flips my switch, although maybe it’s just a bit too much like a mausoleum? Anyway, the project is another Tribeca notch on the belt of VE Equities, the developers who are also behind 471 Washington, 1 N. Moore, and 11 N. Moore (a.k.a. 20-24 Varick). Photo by Michael Weinstein.

••• The WSJ is also evidently making a point of spelling the neighborhood TriBeCa. You’ll come around….

••• The Broadsheet has photos of the Disney cruise ship that arrived yesterday, which I wouldn’t even mention except the accompanying noise and music inspired a wonderfully crotchety letter: “Not content to draw attention to itself with its garish orange paint job, this 130-thousand ton mega-turd chose to serenade the neighborhood for well over half an hour with bullhorn renditions of the owner’s corporate jingle, at decibel levels that would make a heavy metal rock band stick their fingers in their ears. […] A century ago, this sort of problem would have been solved by a well-placed iceberg.”

••• There’s a new bench in Goldman Alley, where “hardscape” has never seemed so apt a word. —Broadsheet

••• Grandaisy Bakery is closing its longstanding Soho location; the Tribeca one will be the flagship. —New York Times

••• Manhattan Loft Guy on a sale at 170 John St.



  1. I enjoyed the seeing the Disney cruise ship float by and so did many people on the streets around me. Lots of smiling and laughing.

  2. The crotchety level in BPC feels like it’s at an all-time high these days – complaints about the cruise ship, complaints about the fruit stand, complaints about dogs, complaints about the “filth” in various parts of the neighborhood – there is a definite “get off of my lawn, you no good kids!” vibe around here. Not that that they let kids on the lawns at this time of year, anyhow.