Seen & Heard: 10 Hubert Renovation

••• The CB1 agendas for February included a Landmarks Committee discussion about 10 Hubert, the building at Collister with the wooden storefront (right). I didn’t go to the meeting, but look what popped up online: ODA Architecture‘s description of the project, along with a vintage-looking rendering (or I suppose that could be an actual old photo). You can click to enlarge any of those images.

••• Potbelly Sandwich Shop is getting ready to open. The company tweeted this: “Oven-Warming party at Reade/Broadway Mon/Tues 4 lunch! Email w/ preferred day to get an invite!”

••• From a press release: “Anthony W. Crowell, Counselor to New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Public Library, has been named the 16th Dean and President of New York Law School.”

••• Reader D. asks, ” What about a list of, or reviews of, some of the dog walking & overnight dog hotel services in the neighborhood?” I pointed out that reviews are tough, since it’s hard to know how the services do since you’re not there. (Not that I don’t ask my dog anyway.) And dog walkers tend to operate by word of mouth. So I said I’d pass the question along. (Any dogwalkers or sitters might want to consider running a classified ad on the site.)

••• And here’s another question, from T.: “I moved to the neighborhood a few months ago (Church and Murray) and don’t see any fruit stands around. Where I used to live uptown had one on every corner. Is there a reason for this, or am I just looking for them in the wrong places?” I replied that there are stands (if memory serves) at Broadway and Warren, Church and Chambers, and Greenwich and Warren Chambers [thanks, David], but I have no idea if any are particularly recommendable. That’s where you come in.



  1. It’s a good walk from Murray, and you’ve got to buy wisely and with discrimination, but you can’t beat Chinatown in the fruit on the street department. At the same time, the guy on the corner of Greenwich and Chambers must know something to be in business for so long — one block away from Whole Foods.

  2. Thank you for the tip on the Potbelly opening. We got an invite for today, and stopped by for the festivities (which they’re calling “training”). It’s smaller than the Maiden Lane store. Everybody was so nice and trying so hard to please! If you don’t eat meat, their vegetarian sandwich is better than what you get in some fast-food places.