New Kid on the Block: Bloom

“I felt like it was time to open a store downtown, and I was looking in Tribeca,” says Kimberly Perrone, who founded Bloom in 1993 in Chelsea; it’s been at 50th and Lex since 2001. “Then Goldman Sachs approached me, and when I reviewed the plans, it just made sense.” Located in Goldman Alley just north of the Regal Battery Park cinema, Bloom benefits from having a built-in corporate clientele, including the Conrad New York and its event center.

The new store is 2,100 square feet, and there’s a lot more than gorgeous flowers. When it’s fully stocked, it’ll have more plants (“I like interesting sculptural plants. Did you see the Venus flytraps?”), pillows, objets d’art, candles (including ones by Christian Tortu), coffee table books, jewelry, lamps, and even furniture. “People always ask if everything is for sale. It is!” Bloom also designs interiors and rooftop gardens.

They’ll be offering floral-design classes and perhaps events with style experts. The store certainly has room, because it shares a large doorway with the Regal exit area, and they’ll be able to spread out into the space.

Perhaps most exciting, Perrone is working on installing a kiosk in front of the store—something sure to soften the hard edges of Goldman Alley. “Think of it as Bloom to Go,” she says. “A place where you can get bouquets that are simple and beautiful and already made, at a lower price point than custom designed ones.”

Bloom is at 255 Murray (in Goldman Alley), 212-832-8094;

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