Loft Peeping: Angela McCluskey & Paul Cantelon

Last weekend’s issue of WSJ (I refuse to include the period) magazine had a feature-with-online-slideshow on the “downtown Manhattan loft” of singer Angela McCluskey and composer Paul Cantelon, and how neighbors Jesse Peretz (a filmmaker) and Sarah Sophie Flicker (of the Citizens Band) are always around. And how it’s all like Bloomsbury. The tweeness was approaching red-alert levels, and I grew frustrated that the article never specifically says they live in Tribeca. A bit of online snooping, however, and it appears they do—and after reading the article I was filled more with envy than anything else. I love the rococo splendor of the apartment, the overall joie de vivre, the fake flowers, even that they had a Robert Burns–themed party with Carrie Fisher in attendance (although I’m not sure they couldn’t have hidden the soda cans). The text is by Sara Ruffin Costello; the photographs are by Emma Hardy.

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