Seen & Heard: Chipotle Correction

••• CORRECTION: The Chipotle coming to southwest Tribeca is actually in 275 Greenwich (so presumably the old Twin Café space at Greenwich and Murray) and not 295 Greenwich (Chambers and Greenwich). Not sure how I confused  the two, but it happens.

••• You may recall how the CB1 agenda for April said that someone named Paolo Meregalli was applying for a liquor license for 273 Church, which is where Souths is. Souths said it wasn’t so, and now I’ve heard from Meregalli. I’ll wait for the meeting minutes to share his plan, but he did say it is for 279 Church, which is the brick building that was the Fig Leaf Theater.

••• From the World Financial Center on Facebook: “Make sure to hit the ATM tomorrow—Girl Scout Cookies at the WFC Courtyard tomorrow!”

••• I had coffee tea with a friend* I met through Tribeca Citizen this morning, and during the conversation she told me that she makes a point of telling businesses—specifically mentioning Bloom and Euphoria Spa—that she’s there because she read about them here. She asked me if I thought that helps, and I said it does, a lot. So if you patronize a business because you read about it here, please mention it. (*At one point, I referred to her as a friend, and she said, “Oh! How sweet that you think we’re friends.” My eyebrows shot skyward so fast they may still be on the ceiling of Kaffe 1668.) P.S. She explained that she did genuinely think it was sweet that I considered her a friend (and vice versa).


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  1. I told Matt Bernson today that I read about their opening from TriBeCa citizen!