Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous Where in Tribeca…? photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

P.S. There are actually stakes involved this time! If Jim Smithers wins, the firefighters at Hook & Ladder No. 8 get chicken wings at Woodrow’s; if Woodrow’s wins, Smithers has to give Woodrow’s a “Who Is Jim Smithers?” T-shirt. If someone else wins, I’m not sure what happens.

UPDATE: Break out the chicken wings! (Never thought I’d type those words.) Jim Smithers is right: It is indeed the façade of the Saranac, as the building at 95 Worth is known. We’ll play again Friday at 8 a.m.



  1. The building at the NE corner of Worth & Broadway

  2. We concede! That’s it.

    Jim, we can wait for next week to find out who you really are. This week the boyzzz from Hook & Ladder 8 will have two free platters of Woodrow’s finest wings. Let us know when they will stop by.

  3. I used to live in that building for 7 years and never noticed. Ha!

  4. I hate to win the contest AND then do your marketing plan, but the feel good story here would be Woodrow’s delivering the wings to H&L 8. Great photo op for Woodrow’s & TC. Too bad you didn’t win, I finally thought I was going to start to deplete this huge inventory of t-shirts that I have been hoarding.

  5. @Smithers: If Woodrow’s takes a photo, I’ll gladly post it — it’s more about their marketing than mine.

  6. I wasn’t doing your marketing plan, Erik, I just thought TC deserved a shout out for giving people a reason to wake up at 8am on a Friday morning.

  7. Jim, plus it’s probably not fair to the boyzzz to make them come down all the way to us, just because we weren’t quite awake yet on a Friday morning at 8am.
    We’ll drop the wings by today at 2pm. Jim, if you want you could be there to take the picture and if you wore a ‘Who is Jim Smithers’ T-shirt, nobody could recognize you … :)

  8. I will have my super deluxe telephoto zoomer zoom lens ready. Remember to wait for the flash!!! I just hope Woodrow’s is as good at making wings as it is at losing!!! :)

  9. Hopefully you told the boyzzz that we are coming. Right now the firehouse at Varick and N Moore is empty…

  10. Jim,

    Well – we found a lone fireman who gladly took the wings but didn’t really know how and why they arrived at his station. So much mystery!

    Maybe they’ll know next Friday why, that is in the unlikely even that you keep winning. :)

  11. Or maybe I was the one who accepted the wings? Dum, dum dum!

    Kudos to Woodrow’s!!! Finally a local business did something for an organization other than PS 234!!!