Seen & Heard: Ballfields Balcony Open

••• The balcony that overlooks the Battery Park City ballfields is open. It’s very appealing, although since dogs aren’t allowed, I’ll probably never see it again. I asked the security person why not, and she walked away. Who does that? (More photos at the end of the post.)

••• Playing Mantis isn’t closing after all. “The owner changed her mind,” I was told when I asked yesterday why it was still open.

••• The Pier 26 structure (left) is coming along!

••• The Jerry’s Café space is being shopped around.

••• From reader Tyndale Brickey: “The Alzheimer’s Association, NYC Chapter, had its inaugural Blondes vs. Brunettes Powderpuff Football Game last May, and we raised over $100,000 for the cause. This year, our game will be held on May 12, and we’re already past $90,000.  How does this figure into Tribeca? Well, five of the Team Brunette players are Tribeca residents, and we’re having a fundraiser happy hour at Maxwell’s on May 3.”

••• You have just over two weeks to buy Taste of Tribeca tickets for $40 (they’ll be $45 afterward, and then $50 at the door on May 19). From a release: “This year, the festival expects to see more than a 10 percent increase in restaurant participation. Some noteworthy newcomers include Kutsher’s, Super Linda and Tre Sorelle.”

••• As promised, more BPC balcony pix:



  1. Yeah Playing Mantis. Not only is it the best pun in the neighborhood, it’s part of my official walking tour.

  2. Thank you, Erik! We’d love to see you there!

  3. The Jerry’s Cafe link doesn’t work. Are they closing?

  4. @Hudson River: The link should work now. I’d imagine that Jerry’s will stay open until someone leases the space.

  5. I still get “Error 404 – Not Found’ when I click on “shopped around.” Maybe it’s just me?

  6. @Hudson River: Oh, I thought you meant the actual “Jerry’s Cafe” link. The other one is fixed now.