In the News: Mechanical Singing Pig

••• The alleged Hudson Square groper denies it. That’s the last I’ll be reporting on this story; you can follow it on the New York Post.

••• “The city will deal with Downtown’s record kindergarten waitlists by sending the extra kids to Chinatown or cramming more students into already-crowded local schools, Department of Education officials told parents Monday. Parents slammed the DOE’s proposals as inadequate for dealing with the nearly 100 children who were waitlisted this year at four of Downtown’s five elementary schools. The parents […] said the only real solution is to build another new school in Lower Manhattan.” —DNAinfo

••• “Noted architect Winka Dubbeldam both lives and works at 11 Hubert Street, a building she redesigned […] herself. Perhaps Dubbeldam is ready to move on to a new creation, because 11 Hubert is now on the market, with an ask of $16.7 million. (Dubbeldam’s Soho 2BR is still for sale, too.)” Wait, does this mean that the lawsuit is settled? —Curbed

••• A mechanical singing pig made its debut at Duane Park restaurant. —Artnet

••• “Megu […] just received a Six Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, a group that honors stellar luxury establishments around the globe. The only other New York restaurant to ever receive a Six Star Diamond Award is Midtown’s Jean Georges.” —DNAinfo


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  1. I need a reality check if anyone can provide it: Does anyone else suspect there must be something else going on with the Six Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for the restaurant Megu to be determined to be on an equivalent level to Jean Georges (I assume in its heyday)?