Taste of Taste of Tribeca 2012

The Taste of Tribeca 2012 press preview lunch was today, and I’m so stuffed that I doggie-bagged the last (of three) desserts and, on the way home, begged Torly Kid to relieve me of them. You can tell yourself not to eat more than half of anything, but then you forget.

It’s the 18th-annual Taste of Tribeca, with almost 75 restaurants participating and 4,000 tickets expected to be sold. Tickets for the May 19 event are already on sale online, or you can buy one at Taste of Tribeca’s booth at the Tribeca Family Festival along Greenwich Street this Saturday. They’re $40 now, $45 after May 1, and $50 the day of. Although I suppose you last-minute types can feel OK with paying more because it all goes to a good cause (P.S. 150 and P.S. 234). The tickets are good for six “tastes,” and trust me when I say that you don’t need more.

Co-chair Faith Paris handled the emcee duties impeccably.

The event was hosted by Sarabeth’s Tribeca, if you couldn’t tell already. Sarabeth’s kicked off the cavalcade of food with a crab-cake slider and a cookie. If there was a theme to this year’s press preview, it was that desserts came at us from all angles.

We occasional meat eaters used up our quotas early on—and kept going—but at least it was all delicious. The table I was at agreed that standouts were Kutsher’s Tribeca‘s pastrami sandwich and Tre Sorelle‘s stuffed spaghetti pie (like mac and cheese made with spaghetti).

Just as at the event, part of the fun is seeing chefs whose restaurants you frequent. Pictured above (from top): Luis Nieto of the Palm Tribeca and Paul Di Bari of Pane Panelle. I should’ve also taken a photo of the pastry chef at Blaue Gans—whose name I don’t know [UPDATE: It’s Janette Tamer]—because she was charming and…

…her strawberry and elderflower coup coupe (we all learned a new word) was possibly the tastiest dish of the day. I told myself I was allowed to eat all of it if I skipped Bubby’s apple brown betty, but it too was so delicious (it has oats in it, which is perhaps nontraditional but makes it more substantial).

It’s like they were trying to kill us. Buy your tickets! The event is a blast. Here’s the rest of the menu (click to enlarge) if you’re interested. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go start a Kickstarter campaign for a new pair of pants because I don’t think I fit into these anymore.



  1. you could probably add this to your list of misspellings… it’s COUPE…

  2. I can concur.
    I sat next to you at this overwhelming preview to a day of yumminess.
    Great food. Great fun. Great community.
    We are all so lucky indeed

  3. Your Taste of Tribeca tactics are noted here. Wise advice.

  4. I missed out by a week last year but I shall be in Tribeca this year so I have already bagged my ticket. My usual tactics are to go with a friend – then we get 12 tastings and each eat half. It’s a great day! Lots of yummy food and crowds of great people. I hope someone has remembered to order some great weather for the day!

  5. On the day of, here is my strategy. 1) get there early. The bigger the chef, the longer the line 2) feed the kids in advance and then assign your partner to watch them at the kids area, 3) get two tastes at a time, bring them over to your partner and snarf. 4) let the kids select one tasting for themselves, 5) pick two things that you might not normally gravitate to (bagels don’t count), 6) two tastings for dessert is enough–save one for the molten chocolate souffle, 7) take your kids to the park.