Rumor Tuesday!

THE RUMOR: Mast Brothers—of the chocolate bars with the exquisitely designed wrappers—is opening in one of the Seaport Museum‘s spaces on Water Street.
The Mast Brothers PR rep won’t return my calls, so I called the Seaport Museum and asked. I was told that nothing had been finalized yet. Stay tuned….

THE RUMOR: A tipster emailed that Tetsu, the forthcoming restaurant from Masa chef Masa Takayama, will be “teppanyaki with flaming huge fire twist.” Teppanyaki means the food is cooked on an iron griddle, à la Benihana. I asked him/her where the restaurant would be, but I got no response…. Hey, here’s a thought: Do you think it could be coming to the revamped World Financial Center? (Sorry, I didn’t mean to start a rumor.)
Exceedingly good. Why? Because Googling “teppanyaki” and “masa” brings up a press release about how the Shaboo restaurant within (?) Bar Masa in Las Vegas will be turned into a teppanyaki restaurant named Tetsu. Sayeth the release: “Highly skilled teppanyaki chefs will oversee the evening’s culinary entertainment—prepping, cooking and plating orders specific to each guest’s request. A produce table will serve as the room’s centerpiece, displaying the finest quality meats, seafood and vegetables, and will allow guests the opportunity to hand select the proteins of their entree, specifying the exact cut, portion size and preparation style they desire.” Reminds me of this. “The teppan grill menu allows guests to try a variety of offerings at smaller portions and reasonable prices such as the Toro Tartare with Caviar, Wagyu Beef Steak Tartare and Pacific Lobster Sashimi Ceviche in addition to Tataki selections. Tataki, meaning to ‘pound,’ is a traditional manner of preparing fish and meat so they better absorb other flavors, therefore enhancing the protein in the dish. The cuts are briefly seared over a hot pan, marinated in vinegar, sliced thin and seasoned with ginger. Tetsu’s tataki offerings will differentiate the restaurant with the finest culinary creations, such as the Wagyu Ribeye, and Filet Mignon-Soy Vinaigrette. Main course offerings include prime cuts of beef such as Center Cut Lamb Chop and Filet Mignon. Seafood and steak also will delight guests with the incredibly fresh ingredients for which Masa is renowned, such as Butterflied Scottish Langoustine, Mediterranean Turbot and decadent Fatty Tuna. Side accompaniments including Kobe Garlic Fried Rice, Yakisoba Noodles and Seafood Udon will complement the main course. Completing the meal are unexpected and refreshing desserts such as Masa’s famous Truffle Ice Cream, Grapefruit Granite and Yuzu Sorbet.”

THE RUMOR: A reader said that maybe I had the spelling wrong on the new restaurant coming to 45 Murray (left), “because Benares [not Benaras] is a good new Indian restaurant in Midtown.”
THE INVESTIGATION: Indeed! Behold! “Restaurateur Inder Singh, a former partner of Devi and Baluchi, partners with acclaimed chef Peter Beck, celebrated for his creative interpretation of his native cuisine at the helm of the Tamarind empire.”

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