New Kid on the Block: Maslow 6 Wine Bar

The philosophy of Maslow 6 wine shop has always been that there are social and intellectual aspects to the enjoyment of wine—so when the space that the shop is nestled against became available, owner Keri Jackson Kunzle couldn’t resist opening the Maslow 6 Wine Bar. “It’s the next part of the picture,” she says.

The space—which used to be Vinovino—is still long and narrow (and not yellow, the way my photo makes it appear), but it’s much less of a lounge. The tables are restaurant-height and real chairs have replaced the stools. “I wanted it to be more comfortable and more conducive to eating.” The Maslow 6 Wine Bar food menu is much expanded from Vinovino’s days; executive chef Nick Kipper and chef de cuisine Ever Ortiz have created a lineup of small plates (such as meatballs Wellington and chicken livers and waffles), panini, cheeses, charcuterie, and more.

The focus is on wine, of course, with a lot of wines available by the glass—and if you’re buying at least two glasses, the wine bar will open any bottle on the full list—it then goes on the chalkboard for others to finish off. You can also pick up a bottle from the shop and have it opened for a $25 corkage fee—as a long as the wine isn’t sold in the wine bar, of course. (And everything on the by-the-glass menu, if you discover a new favorite, should be available in the shop.) Despite its name, the wine bar will have 36 beers—click the link above to see—but not all are available yet.

“We’re passionate about wine,” says Kunzle. “But I want it to be a neighborhood wine bar. You can just come over for a good glass of wine.”

Maslow 6 Wine Bar is at 211A W. Broadway (between White and Franklin); The outdoor seating is coming, as is lunch at some point.

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  1. Congrats, Keri! Can’t wait to visit. I love the idea of opening any bottle for at least 2 glasses!

  2. i have always loved this wine shop for its amazing selection and gracious service. now that they’ve taken over the wine bar, you’ll find me at their bar at least twice a week!

  3. Congrats from Italy..

    Bella idea..!

    Gianni Morgan Usai

  4. The malbec is great as well as the meatballs.