Inside the Wooly

When I first heard about the Wooly—an event space affiliated with the Woolworth Kitchen restaurant inside the Woolworth Building—in the summer of 2010, I tried halfheartedly to get in. Then I forgot about it. Well, at the Taste of Tribeca press preview, someone from Thrillist was talking about how she had recently been there, and I was surprised it was still open, because I hadn’t heard a peep about it since. (Then again, I’m not really in the style-world circles that throw parties there.) So I was tickled to be invited to the Public Art Fund’s event there celebrating its new exhibit in City Hall Park. Alas, the light was dim, to say the least…. The photos I had seen before made it appear as if Goodwill were staging its stores à la Ikea, so perhaps the low light helped—the Wooly was a little beat-up looking, but also glamorous and fun and rather sexy.

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  1. If Woolworth Kitchen is responsible for the catering, you should be happy you haven’t been there before. Blech. Poor food, clueless staff (at least, that was the case when they opened. So if it’s improved over the years, that’s nice).