Seen & Heard: American Gold Answer

••• From reader Marc Cohen: “Came across something yesterday that caught my eye: On the Southeast corner of Vestry and Greenwich attached to an existing street sign was street art by the artist Russell King (attached are photos front and back). Doing a little digging I found a couple of websites that talk about his stuff: Gallery3 and New York Shitty. Looks like most of his work has been confined to Brooklyn and the Lower East side, but now Tribeca too.” (Another reader sent me a photo, too—so King can rest assured his work is being noticed!)

••• I called the number on the American Gold posters at Chambers and Greenwich to see if I could get some clarity about whether it’s taking the space or TD Bank is (per one reader’s conversation with the workers). The word is that American Gold used to be in Eve Pharmacy (who knew?) and the posters are there just to let the postal service know where to forward the mail. So that seems to lend credence to the idea that TD Bank is indeed taking over the  three storefronts—as you read first here back in February.

••• Press release: “Dance New Amsterdam, NYC’s foremost progressive dance education and performance center, announced today the terms of an agreement on its newly amended lease at 280 Broadway, the Historic Sun Building, with landlord Fram Realty LLC and Abro Management. During a press conference held in its 130-seat theater, State Senator Daniel Squadron and Executive/Artistic Director Catherine Peila, announced DNA’s triumphant news of an agreement to lower DNA’s monthly rent and rental debt.” Maybe they can talk to Chase about my mortgage.

••• M.M. Devoe noted that the New York by Gehry plaza that opened last week includes fountains. Or at least sprouty little spouts.



  1. The fountains were placed there so that Gehry residents could wash their cat-sized dogs after they’ve pooped in front of the school on the tower’s south side. .

  2. We neighbors fought hard to get that plaza, including suing the mayor, deputy mayor, Ratner, and the hospital so that they would not illegally erect a building that butted up against ours. While I agree that the water element is minuscule, at least it’s there as agreed to in the settlement.

  3. @Suzanne F: I walked by it the other day and I thought it was pretty nice—especially in a part of town that’s pretty dense. And people were definitely using it. Compare it to the often-locked plaza/prison yard by the AT&T Long Lines Building….