New Kid on the Block: Duxiana

“We’re known for quality,” says Paige Davidson of Duxiana, the Swedish company that just opened in the former Just Scandinavian space. “We’ve been family-owned and operated for three generations.” All of Duxiana’s mattresses are handmade, and they’re popular with top hotels including the Burj al Arab in Dubai, the Setai in New York City and Miami Beach, and even Tribeca’s own Greenwich Hotel.

“The Dux Bed is famous for its spring construction—you’re sleeping close to the spring coil,” says Davidson, pointing out how the coils can be felt at the top of the mattress. There are various models—the highest-end is shown in cross-section below—including ones with “cassettes” (soft, medium, or firm inserts that allow you to customize the mattress to the regions of your body and those of the person you’re sleeping with) and ones with cranks to adjust the lumbar region. The mattresses fit in standard bedframes, or you can add on a headboard such as the one pictured below. The most basic queen is $4,500, with a 20-year warranty. “But they often last a lifetime,” says Davidson. “In Europe, Dux Beds are thought of as family heirlooms.”

The store is still a work in progress—within a few weeks, it’ll be stocked with Duxiana pillows and linens. And in the fall, Duxiana will reintroduce its furniture line to the U.S., turning the 1,600-square-foot basement into a showroom. Until then, you can see examples of the furniture here.

Duxiana is at 161 Hudson (at Laight), 212-777-0771;

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