In the News: Goldman Alley Makes the New York Times

••• The New York Times gets a tour of the new Fiterman Hall, which is almost finished. (It’s the BMCC building going up near 7 World Trade. By the way, the park outside 7 World Trade is called Silverstein Family Park? Who knew? (Photo by David W. Dunlap for the New York Times)

••• The New York Times also takes a long, leisurely look at Goldman Sachs’s effect on Battery Park City. None of it is news, but I did enjoy the part where a local complained that the area now feels like Fifth Avenue (?!). And most important, the Times refers to Goldman Alley as Goldman Alley! It’s even on the map! (I take this as a victory because the first I heard of the name was when a reader emailed me back in January.) Also of note: “[François] Payard, the pastry chef, has cut staffing because sales have been 30 percent below expectations. Mr. Payard thought it was hard for people to find him. He asked Goldman if he could put out an awning, but it said no. He suggested a street fair. ‘But I can’t say bad things,” he said, ‘because they will kill me.'” It is bizarre how the businesses on the east side of Goldman Alley don’t have signage like the ones on the west.

••• “Slightly Stained Chairs from Bouley Available on eBay.” Stain-removal kit can be provided. —Grub Street

••• The man who was stuck in the trash compactor at 67 Wall was found dead. —DNAinfo

••• A rumor on Eater: “Greenhouse [nightclub] is trying to relocate to a space currently occupied by the neighborhood bar Antarctica.”


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  1. I think GoldDigger alley might add a touch of whimsy? ;)