Uncle Mike’s Is Dead

Uncle Mike’s, the skeeveball bikini bar on Murray—sort of a feeder bar to the New York Dolls strip club next door—appears to have closed. I gathered as much from July’s Community Board 1 agendas when I saw them this evening (more on those tomorrow), because an establishment named Delboys NYC LLC is seeking a liquor license for 57 Murray, where Uncle Mike’s is/was. Then I emailed some folks who might know more, and sure enough, they said they had spotted a “this is our last night” sign in the window the other day.

And tonight it was closed—and a drunk guy was standing outside bemoaning that the bar would be turned into a restaurant.

I’d venture to say that Uncle Mike’s was one of the neighborhood’s least-favorite establishments, no doubt in part because it was the kind of place where patrons said lewd things to women walking past. Let’s hope Delboys NYC keeps it classier. (I still think Uncle Mike’s graphic designs were excellent.)

If you know anything about Delboys, email me at tribecacitizen@gmail.com.



  1. Uncle Mike is (was) the worst. Glad to hear they’re closed. A blessing for Murray St.

  2. odds are whatever moves in is simply a reincarnation

  3. that ‘strip’ of Murray is hopeless… sleaze is deep in its DNA… I USED to live at 50 Murray till I could no longer bear the nightly brawls out front.. New York Dolls might be the classiest spot on the block…

  4. That is great NEWS!! Now we just need to have remix (Quest) close as well!!!!

  5. Diane is right. Constant brawls outside Uncle Mike’s that were absolutely audible to the 50 Murray tenants who face Murray St. 50 Murray ownership refuses to replace the single-paned windows that not only allow in all the street noise, but are brutal insulators in the cold/heat.

  6. Good news as these low-lives continually harrassed my wife when she walked by (even whith my son in tow). These people were the worst, and they deserved o be cloed a long time ago.

    The street isn’t all bad. I think teh new oweners of Woodrows are making an effort to put a good product out, and it is nice enough inside now to take the family in for a burger etc. So baby steps.

    Like David W said, Quest/Remix must be next.

  7. I liked it and I will miss it. Especially the bartenders.

  8. Isn’t it nice to know that you have a diverse readership?