Seen & Heard: Aroma Espresso Bar

••• The “mini mall” at 20 Warren was evidently selling more than water and soda.

••• Pret a Manger will have company at 100 Church, according to this announcement from real-estate firm Robert K. Futterman & Associates: “Aroma Espresso Bar signed a long-term, 4,443-sf ground-floor on the northwest corner of Barclay Street for its fourth Manhattan location. […] The Israeli coffee and espresso chain, which also serves sandwiches, salads and baked goods, has other stores at 145 Greene St. in SoHo, 161 W. 72nd St. on the Upper West Side and 205 E. 42nd St. in Midtown.”

••• I keep reading Nicole Bouley’s response to my question about whether Bouley Studio will reopen as a restaurant—I’m hoping/waiting for more clarification—and all my sensors are saying it’s being turned into an event space. Am I crazy (to think so)?

••• When I saw that something called “Tropicana 50” was filming this week on Murray, I was imagining a Mad Men–like TV show set at a ’50s nightclub. But it appears to be an orange juice commercial.

••• The episode of “Project Runway” that was shot on the BPC esplanade—with models on stilts and Kim Kardashian as a judge—airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

••• Children’s store Polarn O. Pyret—which appears to be known as PO.P—put some signage in its windows at 200 Chambers. Remember: You read about it here first.

••• 50 and 52 Laight, the building just west of Hudson that’s been cocooned forever, has a name: Laight House. It’s a pun on lighthouse, I guess, but given that Laight is pronounced late…. The website is a placeholder for now, but it does have an attractive street-level rendering.

••• Eddie’s Pizza tweeted that “Next week we will be opening a brand new cart that will permanently be in Tribeca!”

••• One last look at 471 Washington, the new building at Canal, now that the striptease is over. (Keep reading past the photo because there’s more to this post.)

••• Whoever is designing Uncle Mike’s flyers is nailing it. The top one, in particular, is foxy. Although I’m not sure how the neighbors will feel about its transformation into a bikini bar with bands. I’ve never been inside Uncle Mike’s, but I’ll brave it if someone promises to come with me….



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  1. I walked by the Warren St. “mini-mall” yesterday evening and it seems to have re-opened. I was afraid that going down there would be like going through the looking glass….so I didn’t