In the News: Tribeca Has a New Three-Star Restaurant

••• Break out the freeze-dried-and-then-reconstituted-as-gelatin-cubes Champagne! The New York Times gives Atera three stars (out of a near-impossible four): “Atera is now one of the most fascinating experiences you can have in a New York City restaurant.” Totally agree. Has anyone besides me eaten there? What did you think?

••• Meanwhile, in one-star dining news: Here’s a heartwarming-ish story about eating dinner next to Bill Murray at Tribeca Grill. in Tribeca. A shame it doesn’t say which restaurant.Bill Murray Stories (yes, that’s a website)

••• “Newly released plans to create a protective island for a bike station in the center of West Thames Street—complete with concrete blocks and planters—is relieving the fears of some about a planned 31-bike docking station near that intersection.” The bikeshare program’s debut has been pushed back to sometime in August, by the way. —Tribeca Trib

••• “Both the New York Harbor School and Millennium High School will enter their second decade with a new principal.” —Broadsheet

••• “MTA to restore M9 bus service connecting Battery Park City to Chinatown, LES, EVillage. Extends to Bellevue, NYU Med Center.” —Tribeca Trib



  1. The restaurant was added “Tribeca Grill”

  2. The link to the story about the M9 is not working and I could not find that article on the Trib website. Can you fix it? thanks!

  3. @Cami: The link now works, but it won’t give you much—that was just from a tweet, so the link goes to the Trib’s Twitter page.

  4. Praise Jesus H. Christmas!!! The M9 to the rescue. We can now get our precious angels bussed safely across town to PS 1!! No need for new schools!!! The PTA is no match for the MTA!!