In the News: Runaway Beet

••• Mehtaphor‘s Jehangir Mehta will be on “The Next Iron Chef: Redemption,” on the Food Network starting Nov. 4. So will Amanda Freitag, who was chef at the Harrison for a while.

••• “Cyclists are riding freely through City Hall Park once again—and some Downtown residents are not happy.” Like me! “‘DOT refused to put the signs back up,’ said John Fratta, chairman of CB1’s Seaport/Civic Center Committee, who attended the meeting. ‘They feel they’ve done their study and their study shows there aren’t [cyclists] being aggressive.’ Two days ago, a cyclist yelled ‘Watch where you’re going, asshole!’ at me, annoyed that I didn’t see him coming from behind. If you look at where Warren runs into the park, the bike path and crosswalk are both a bit north of the park entrance—and angled weirdly relative to said entrance—so everyone sort of cuts to the right, causing mayhem at rush hour. Wait, I’ll take a photo to show you! —DNAinfo

••• Sorry, Marco: FiDi’s Backyard Chicken has gone out of business. —Downtown Lunch

••• Some people swam in the Hudson. —Tribeca Trib

••• When a diner’s beet rolled off his/her plate and down the bar, a server at Atera reportedly used spoons to put it back. Said diner sent in a 518-word letter to the New York Times asking for guidance about the incident.



  1. Is it bad that I have thoughts of kicking bikers tires so they fall every time I see them on the Warren walk through? So, pretty much daily.

  2. Way to go Jehangir

  3. It would seem that the Parks Department is the one with jurisdiction over a park pathway. Shouldn’t CB1 approach the Parks Department and not the DOT? Seems odd.

  4. When a biker on a sidewalk or a non-street walkway says anything, let alone ‘watch where you’re going, asshole,’ make sure to respond “ride in the street like a real biker, chickenshit.”

  5. It is a pain to come out of the R subway and cross Broadway using the northern crosswalk.

    The red light I need is the green light for cyclists entering the park from Warren (not that they care about lights), so they cut in front of me in flowing streams – and are staying on their path. How do I even get to the crosswalk?

    HORRIBLE planning.

    And cyclists in the park – ugh!

  6. What you need are rumble strips for bikers! Heh heh ;)