Seen & Heard: A New Hotel in Tribeca?

••• Chien Dao Studio tweeted this rendering with this message: “Proposed Cube Hotel in Tribeca. Applications are now being accepted and reviewed for funding partners.” I called and emailed to find out more—like is this just some kind of architectural exercise?—but there was no answer. So let’s just file it under someone’s fantasy for now…. UPDATE: The plot thickened just a little bit when I walked by—the proposed hotel is where two triangular parking lots are now.

••• You may have noticed that the Chipotle coming to Greenwich and Murray is looking very close. They’re still saying it should open by the end of this month.

••• I asked the DOT about how the no-right-on-red switch at Hudson and Reade came about, and the answer was that the sign was installed to correspond with an adjustment to signal timing to further enhance pedestrian safety. OK! So then I emailed that I was hoping for a bigger-picture reason as to why the right-on-red option was removed and why that intersection now requires a four-way pedestrian crossing. (It’s not exactly Times Square….) Were there accidents? Did the community request it? Was there research done? We’ll see if we see.

••• The TV show “White Collar” is filming all around the Broadway/Leonard/Church area on Thursday.

••• Kendra emailed this question: “I feel like I read a long time ago about a woman in Tribeca who helps plant trees in the neighborhood for a donation or a small fee, etc. Is this something you covered on the site or know anything about? We are trying to get some trees planted on our block.” Indeed! The group is Trees for Tribeca and there’s more here.

••• A reader sent in a question that I’ve had trouble finding someone to answer: “With increased frequency over the past several months, Academy commuter buses have begun parking on the south side of Laight Street between Hudson and Greenwich leading up to the evening rush hour. Often the drivers have simply abandoned the bus with the engines running.” Note how in the photo the bus is in a no-standing zone. “This practice has further complicated an already highly congested area, especially given the water main construction project! Has the city expanded the ‘idling zone’  for commuter buses in Tribeca to include Laight Street? I recall the debate a few years that resulted in allowing buses to idle along West Street, however I don’t recall reading about any such regulation on any other streets in our neighborhood. Any insight?” If anyone knows anything —even whom I might call—please email



  1. I don’t know about where buses are allowed to park in Tribeca, looks like Warren Street next to PS 234 is a favorite too, but New York City MTA bus operators idling buses for extended periods (over 3 minutes) are in violation of federal environmental laws.

  2. That lot at the bottom of Sixth Avenue above Franklin Street has been in play for at least 6 years, that I’m aware of. I can’t say what the actual status is now, but I can say that since around 2006 I’ve spoken to two separate architects who were happy to announce that their plan was scheduled to be realized on that site. Maybe this one’s for real. All that can be said with some certainty is that the oddly-shaped plot is owned by someone who can make a killing on it, which they are not doing as long as it’s a very small-scale parking lot. It is obviously an owner/developer of such resources that they can afford to hold out and “leave money on the table” indefinitely. This is true of a lot of real estate around the area. The landlords will tell you that rent stabilization is taking food out of their babies’ mouths, but will let storefronts go fallow for more than ten years because no one’s forking up enough to make them bother writing a lease. But I (r-e-a-l-l-y) digress. Sorry.

  3. This would be amazing if it went down.