In the News: Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Moving Here

••• “Get ready, New York. Lindsay Lohan is moving to Tribeca. A source confirmed […] that LiLo is leaving her troubles in Los Angeles behind and settling down in New York City, where she’ll room with her assistant/sometimes best friend Gavin Doyle.” —New York Daily News

••• “[Thomas] Krens is the Guggenheim’s senior adviser for international affairs, and he has sold his glorious loft for a glorious $6.32 million, according to city records. You’d think this was an auction at Christie’s with that kind of appreciation. Better yet, Mr. Kren only paid $2.35 million when he bought the okace [sic] in 1999, but then, this is a man who took the museum’s endowment from $20 million to $118 million.” It’s the penthouse at 45 Warren. —New York Observer, writing like it needs to breathe into a paper bag

••• Independence Plaza doorman Limmy Lala became a U.S. citizen. —Tribeca Trib

••• Curbed wants to know what’s going on at 357 Canal, even though the real tragedy is happening at 502 Canal.

••• “Occupy Wall Street will mark its first anniversary by trying to block traffic in the Financial District and circling the Stock Exchange. Planning for the Sept. 17 protest follows months of internal debate and flagging interest, according to interviews with organizers.” —New York Post

••• Tribeca Trib checks in with the New York City Rescue Mission.

••• The Home Alone window/gallery on Franklin that used to display a big gold sexy toy has a new exhibit by Spencer Sweeney: “Entitled ‘Nerds,’ the installation consists of a fan blowing through a smashed window frame suspended in mid-air and adorned with Transformers curtains, while a brick marked ‘NERDS!’ lies on the floor amidst debris, as if it had been thrown through the window.” —Artinfo (it’s their photo, although I cropped and cleaned it up a bit)



  1. Lindsey….there goes the neighborhood.

  2. I hear NY Dolls is hiring.