Where in Tribeca…?

Know where this was shot? Say so in the comments. And remember: You can see previous Where in Tribeca…? photos at pinterest.com/tribecacitizen/where-in-tribeca/ (just click on each photo twice to see the answer).

HINT: It’s in front of a gallery and it’s in Tribeca proper.

UPDATE: Smithers wins, although I seem to recall a certain desire for specificity on his part in the past. It’s in from of Ethan Cohen Fine Arts at 14 Jay, which is where Christina Dos Santos was supposed to be moving, but hasn’t, so I don’t know. (Asking either party has not proved to be fruitful; let’s just all move on.)



  1. In Teardrop Park in front of the Solaire?

  2. You’re giving hints now? I don’t need no stinkin’ hints – Jay Street