In the News: Inside Tribeca Canvas

••• The New York Times gets a peek inside Tribeca Canvas. (That’s Masaharu Morimoto, above left, with designer—and gym bunny?—Thomas Schoos. Photo by Michelle V. Agins for the Times.) This seems like an appropriate time to explain my policy on covering new restaurants. If you allow me to come in beforehand to ask questions and take photos, you’ll get a nice New Kid on the Block post straightforwardly describing the room, the menu, and so on. If not, I’ll dine there and write a First Impressions piece, which tend to be much more about my opinions.

••• Broadsheet snuggles with Dennis Mehiel, the new chairman of the Battery Park City Authority. Quote: “We are going to operate in a manner that will be transparent and emphasize integrity.” Two words: Asphalt Green.

••• “Just one in three adolescents in the WTC Health Registry responded to the survey on 9/11 illnesses.” —DNAinfo

••• “Hello Monday is saying good-bye to its Soho digs and moving to Tribeca. The creative agency which does Web design, has signed a five-year lease for 2,250 square feet at 5 White St., at Franklin Street. The asking and taking rent for the second-floor space was $45 per square foot.” —Crain’s

••• “The hipster elite are hopping mad that the police ruined their Labor Day by shutting down the Fool’s Gold ‘Day Off’ show in Tribeca. ‘I guess there was an issue with us having the right permits, and the cops had a reason to shut it down,’ says A-Trak, whose Brooklyn-based record label Fools Gold organized the free outdoor concert at Varick St.’s City Winery.” —New York Daily News, which should know that City Winery isn’t in Tribeca.

••• New York Post says Dirty Bird To-Go is opening Sept. 10.

••• The New York Times says the still-unnamed bar under Atera will open in October and be reservation-only and that “Wines will match those found upstairs, while cocktails will be seasonal, reflecting the food and philosophy of the restaurant.” So I guess the old RBC space won’t be a bar…? I dreamed recently that it was going to be one, but then I also dreamed that I report to Hillary Clinton. Also: Maybe they should call it Subatera.

••• Downtown Lunch reviews the new Dosateria at Whole Foods Tribeca: “If you’re not up for paying the ‘How much is this going to cost me?’ roulette of the Whole Foods by-the-pound buffet, this new Dosateria is a great way to fill yourself up for $10 or less.” (That’s Downtown Lunch’s photo below.) Update: I just went for lunch. I’ve always loved the dosas at Hampton Chutney Co. in Soho, so I was excited about the dosa, and it was very good! But the way you order (via a clipboard-wielding worker), then pay (at the counter), then pick up on the other side, is wonky, to say the least. Also, dosas don’t travel well, in my experience, so I ate mine at the counter (because I find upstairs to be like a community center), which may be your sort of thing more than mine. I’ve never found a dosa to be quite enough—I’m big tall—so I also ordered the sambar, a vegetable soup with pigeon peas. It was extremely oily, and I began to wonder if the pot hadn’t been stirred. I spun my spoon around faster and faster, hoping the top layer of oil would emulsify or dissipate or something. When a worker came to clear my tray, he confirmed it. I kept saying he should tell them to stir it; he kept saying they hadn’t stirred it; nobody mentioned a new cup or a refund for the two-thirds that remained uneaten. That said, I have hope the experience’s rough edges will get smoothed out.


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