Nosy Neighbor: What’s Opening in 155 Chambers?

Walked by 155 Chambers on Saturday and the door was open with a guy working inside. Looked like potential coffee/food spot. Had awesome dark wood details and subway tiled walls. Forgive me if you already mentioned this, but any idea what’s coming? —I.

Dirty Bird To-Go’s West Village location

I did the same thing as I.! I was walking down Chambers, reminding myself to check and see if anything was up with 155 Chambers—the narrow storefront, across from Kitchenette, has been papered for a while—when I saw that the door was open. I did a double take, just like it sounds I. did. The walls are subway tile, as I. mentioned, and there are rough wooden beams on the ceiling. I, too, saw a guy working inside, but unlike I., I asked what was up. He said it was going to be another Dirty Bird To-Go—the other is on W. 14th St.—and I got a sneak peek. Because the long space is so narrow, seating will be side-by-side, with an open kitchen in back and a big prep area downstairs. It should open in around three weeks.

Here’s the West Village location’s menu (click to read). As per the website, “Dirty Bird To-Go offers fresh, local, and sustainable organic foods in a casual setting [….] Dirty Birds are all-natural chickens. Humanely raised in Pennsylvania Amish Country, veggie fed and
antibiotic free.” The restaurant will also be on Seamless.

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  1. healthy fried chicken? this should be interesting!

  2. I miss my taco bell

  3. Very excited to have a Dirty Bird in the neighborhood. Their chicken strips are really amazing. And their little pickled peppers are perfect with fried food. It was always a hassle to get to their other location. Thanks for giving a heads up Erik!

    Now what about a Korean Wings place? When are we getting one of those?