In the News: BPCA President Resigns

••• “Gayle Horwitz, president of the Battery Park City Authority for nearly two years, is leaving her post on Oct. 1. She is taking a job as the chief operating officer of Nardello & Co., an international private investigating firm. […] The Authority announced today that it has hired attorney Randy Mastro, a former New York City deputy mayor, to help resolve its contract dispute with Asphalt Green.” Here’s a suggestion: Try honoring the contract. —Tribeca Trib

••• Suspicious package: “Authorities evacuated some workers from 250 Broadway, which houses several government offices. […] Investigators determined that the package was a Blackberry tablet in a box.” —DNAinfo

••• Eater interviews Atera chef Matt Lightner.

••• The New York Post recaps the new buildings coming to the area east of City Hall Park, crediting the Gehry building for the resurgence. The story probably also should’ve mentioned nearby 49-51 Chambers and 22 Reade as most likely being sold by the city to developers.

••• New York Rangers player Marian Gaborik has a new place to put his Christmas tree: He “has purchased a penthouse duplex at 88 Laight St. that was listed for $4.2 million.” —New York Post

••• The New York Times thinks that City Winery is in Tribeca…?

••• Downtown Lunch reviews GRK, the new Greek fast-casual restaurant on Fulton.



  1. Couldn’t even make this up…..

    In an interview with the Trib, Horwitz also said it was her job to bring credibility and efficiency to the Authority, which she described as having a culture of laziness and inefficiency.

  2. The coverage of this event in the downtown “newspapers” is comical at best.

    Horwitz hastily resigned because both she and her officers (Fenton, Monahan) were caught in outright lies regarding contract renegotiation.

    Ann Fenton was asked specifically at the CB1 meeting on 9/4 if the delays and paperwork were legal in nature and was also asked if BPCA was renegotiating the contract. Ann Fenton denied both.

    When news leaked on Tuesday afternoon that BPCA had hired one of the toughest litigators in the country, BPCA was caught in an outright lie.

    Horwitz ” resigned” the next day morning.

    Interesting how none of the downtown “newspapers” accurately covered this story.

  3. Where exactly is that baby pictured in the NYP article going to school in four years? City Hall has learned nothing over the last eight years and continues to encourage residential development without the necessary infrastructure to support it. It’s absurd.

  4. In Bill Thompson’s bid for mayor, I hope it becomes clear that while he had a cushy, albeit short stint at BPC, he dropped the ball.

    The BPC Authority seems to be lacking in authority, and I wonder if the local papers don’t cover it as such because they are beneficiaries of BPCA ad dollars. While the Asphalt Green issue is one of the most significant issues in the neighborhood, the local press has avoided covering it in a meaningful way.

  5. re Asphalt Green: I could tell in that CB1 meeting that Anne Fenton was lying, and indeed, now we see she was… If they have a problem with the contract, then they should say that openly, but lying to their constituents just makes everything worse!

  6. Gayle Horwitz never had the interests of the residents of Battery Park City in mind in anything she did. She held them in contempt. Getting rid of the lying *itch, even if it means a 7 month delay in getting Asphalt Green, is worth it.

  7. There is a Battery Park City Authority Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 9/25 @10:00 AM and the public is welcome.

    It will be the first board meeting since the “hasty resignation” of Gayle Horwitz. It will be interesting to see what is discussed or not discussed with the public present. Below is from the BPCA website.

    “Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Members of the Battery Park City Authority will take place on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., at the offices of the Authority, One World Financial Center, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10281.

    Battery Park City Authority is a public benefit corporation. Member meetings and committee meetings are open to the public for observation but not for direct participation. The press is welcome to attend the meeting.”

  8. There is a Community Board 1 – Battery Park City meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 10/2 at 6:00 PM at the Battery Park City Library 175 North End Avenue, 2nd floor.

    You may recall what happened at the last meeting where Fenton and Monahan lied to residents about the litigation only to be outed a week later, which prompted the hasty resignation of Gayle Horwitz.

    I wonder how CB1 will address this…..