Seen & Heard: Washington Street Demolition

••• The demolition of 460 Washington appears imminent (see above—the sign on the left is for the demon company). What’s coming.

••• Rare Salon on Church is now Rare by F.S. Charlie. I called to ask if Ruth Roche was still involved, and I was told she sold the salon about two years ago, but she has stayed on as the creative director.

••• Tribeca firm looking for Part-Time executive assistant with Internet Marketing—if interested please send your resume to Sponsored

••• Jack Black will discuss his craft with film critic Peter Travers on Oct. 2 at 92YTribeca. (Rent Bernie, by the way—it’s good and so is Black.)

••• Morgik Metal Designs at 145 Hudson appears to be downsizing its space—a wall is going up right the middle. I called to find out more, but I haven’t heard back. The “g” is soft, by the way.

••• TV series “Golden Boy” is filming in the Reade/Broadway vicinity on Monday and Wednesday.

••• Silhouette artist Erik Johnson will be at Torly Kid on Oct. 7. Portraits are $25; dupes are $15 each. I’d ask if I could get one of my pug but, um, I already have one…. It was a gift!

••• Kansas Gallery is having an opening tonight, so I guess the galleries at 59 Franklin are coming back once the renovations are done.



  1. did i see you last night at Kansas???