Seen & Heard: New Furniture Store

••• A store called 212 Modern Furniture opened on Broadway where AAF Asian Home was. Its website doesn’t work yet.

••• Frankly Wines went to a wine tasting at 5 Beekman and took photos. How come I can’t get inside?

••• I dined at Sole di Capri last night—it’s the newly renamed Capri Caffé—and I was dismayed to learn that the name change requires an alteration to the liquor license, which means no alcohol for three-ish weeks (or so they were told). I don’t think you can BYO at this stage, but anyone curious should check with the restaurant. One more thing: A reader emailed with concern because the restaurant’s phone number is out of service—and indeed it is. Does anyone know how to contact the restaurant? I keep forgetting to swing by.

••• Does anyone have any knowledge of Feedburner? I have what is probably a dumb question. I’m at

••• A musician named Mike Higbee sent over a music video for a lovely song of his, “The Waltz of Dead Love,” because it was filmed in Tribeca. “I live in the West Village,” he said when I asked. “But I’ve always loved Tribeca for its architecture and feel. I grew up in Paris, France though. This song is off my self produced, self released record Secret Life. It came out last December and you can listen to it here if you’d like.”



  1. I’ve always been curious about 5 Beekman Place… After your post, I did a bit more searching and found this: , which I thought may be of interest. Great pictures and very interesting info about the space.

  2. @ jk, thats a really cool site, thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks jk that is amazing

  4. It’s funny—this must be the first time I didn’t mention Scouting New York’s post on 5 Beekman. (I’ve linked to it many times.) I guess I’ll need to keep doing it…. Thanks for pointing it out, JK!

    And in case anyone missed it, 5 Beekman is slated to become condos and a hotel.

  5. Wow. Very cool. Do we know of any movies that have been shot in there?

  6. I saw the Wineberry truck, but thought it might just be delivering to the newish wine store on Nassau (between Beekman and Ann). Maybe Christy got to go because she and her store are the greatest. Our favorite in the whole neighborhood. (And if you haven’t, you should try the boxed wines she sells!)

    As for 5 Beekman, I’m not so sure it’s been closed for 65 years as Nick says. I could swear that a neighbor in my building had her studio there within the last 20 to 25 years, although she had to leave when the building was sold several years ago, maybe to the crazy French lady (unconfirmed), or the first time someone thought about turning it into a hotel. Besides, there were stores on the street level, including a drugstore, when I moved here in 1980. In fact, one of the commentors on Scouting NY mentions having an office there and being forced out by 2000.

    One of the turrets was shot as the exterior of Diane Wiest’s apartment in “Bullets Over Broadway.” But I don’t think Woody Allen used the building interior at all. And “Billy Bathgate” shot in Theatre Alley, alongside.

  7. What a lovely music video! New York is such a lovable place.
    Higbee is reminiscent of Leonard Cohen and Rufus Wainwright. Really lovely and a nice slice of TriBeCa and other lower Manhattan locals.
    Thanks for sharing it! And good luck Mike!