Seen & Heard: Capri Caffé Has a New Name

••• Capri Caffé has reopened as Sole di Capri; I was assured that nothing but the name has changed (and the name of one of the dishes but I didn’t totally follow and I was stopping people from getting lunch, so I moved along).

••• “There is a Battery Park City Authority Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 9/25 @10:00 AM and the public is welcome,” comments Liz on this post. “It will be the first board meeting since the ‘hasty resignation’ of Gayle Horwitz. It will be interesting to see what is discussed or not discussed with the public present. From the BPCA website: ‘Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Members of the Battery Park City Authority will take place on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., at the offices of the Authority, One World Financial Center, 24th Floor, New York, NY 10281. Battery Park City Authority is a public benefit corporation. Member meetings and committee meetings are open to the public for observation but not for direct participation. The press is welcome to attend the meeting.'”

••• “The TV show “Blue Bloods” is filming on (or at least near) Park Place tomorrow.

••• And AliceG has this comment on a post about Scorcese’s 80s movie: “Saw Martin Scorcese at the North Cove Marina on Saturday evening walking onto a big yacht docked there. A guy from a nearby sailboat who has been docked there for a few days said that they are filming some scenes for The Wolf of Wall Street on the boat.

••• Reader Isabelle thought folks should know about this bulletin from the Reade Street Animal Hospital (not 100% sure it’s new but it seems worth noting even if it’s not): “We would like to inform all of our clients that there have recently been several confirmed cases of canine leptospirosis in TriBeCa and Battery Park City. […] Leptospirosis is a bacteria that is spread in the urine of rats, mice, raccoons and infected dogs. It causes sudden kidney and/or liver failure in dogs that is life threatening. Leptospirosis is one of the few diseases that can be contagious to a human. Due to the danger to the dog and the person living with the dog, we are advising that all dogs be vaccinated for leptospirosis.”


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  1. By the looks of it, the bureaucratic kabuki dance of the post-Horowitz BPCA will continue. Nice of them to hold their public meeting when most of us will be at work. I’m sure that’s a mere coincidence.