First Impressions: Trinity Place Department Store

Yesterday, Racked ran a post about Trinity Place, a new department store that opened somewhat stealthily in the Financial District: “The renderings […] have a sleek Zara vibe, which seems promising. But it’s impossible to tell without making the trip downtown.” And therein lies Trinity Place’s challenge: It’s on Trinity Place, a pretty desolate street in that weird “Greenwich South” non-neighborhood. (It has its charms, I know! But foot traffic and stylish shoppers are not among them.)

Only the first floor is open, with women’s clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Two more floors above—including one for menswear—will open in the next two months. The renderings are kind; in person, it feels less minimalist than sparse (I imagine more stuff is coming), and the vintage furniture lends a thrift-store air. I can’t speak for the clothes, as I’m no judge of womenswear, but there did seem to be a lot of party dresses. And dayglo is still hot, if the abundance of one model bag—in a rainbow highlighter-pack of colors—is any indication. Racked said you won’t know the labels because many are debuting in the U.S.

Trinity Place’s website says it’s at 61 Broadway, but I entered on Trinity Place (at Exchange), 212-440-8286;

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  1. Wow finally something near my apt! Have been waiting for some shopping in this area for a long time!

  2. Love it!

  3. My wife and daughter love it! Me too!