New Kid on the Block: Westville Hudson

Westville Hudson—the fourth restaurant in the Westville mini-chain—opens today for dinner, with or without its liquor license (due at any moment). That there’s liquor is news: Unlike the locations in the West Village, East Village, and Chelsea, Westville Hudson will have a full liquor license.

Director of operations Pam Stampahar says that the charm of the location was that it was on a corner (at Hudson and Charlton, where Dani, Dog Ear Tavern, and Prime 333 previously were), and that it was big. The Chelsea restaurant seats 60-70, including outdoors; Westville Hudson seats around 100 inside. And it does plan on sidewalk seating come spring. “This space also has a large basement,” says Stampahar. “Often restaurants have a big upstairs but a tiny downstairs, and because we do all our vegetable prep ourselves, we need a large basement.”

After Monday, Westville Hudson will most likely open at 10 a.m. for breakfast, probably shifting to 9 a.m. soon after. The menu is the same as at the other locations—classic American, and rather inexpensive for these parts—but as at the other outposts, the many specials are up to the chef. The restaurant will also feature bar snacks to go with its happy hour (which may not kick off till the place gets its bearings).

Reservations are still up in the air, but delivery will begin immediately. The southern border of the delivery zone is N. Moore; the northern border is Barrow. To the east, it gets tricky: To start, Westville Hudson will deliver west of W. Broadway till it reaches Houston, at which point the eastern border shifts over to Sixth Ave. And you have to call: “Our menu is so complex, with so much customization, that taking online orders doesn’t make sense,” says Stampahar. “Our average delivery time is 20-30 minutes, but online orders add 15 minutes.”

The owners have plans to expand, but Stampahar said the next one—not that there are any specific sites in mind yet—will most likely be further north. Believe me when I say that I begged for one in south Tribeca.

Westville Hudson is at 333 Hudson (at Charlton), 212-776-1404;

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  1. i LOVE westville and have been going to the chelsea location for a while now… can’t wait to try the new one out!

  2. Do you consider that part of the city TriBeCa? Weird if you do.

  3. @Jeff: No, I don’t consider it Tribeca. But from the beginning the “about” page has said this: “My definition of Tribeca is broad, because I’m as interested in what’s going a few blocks north of Canal, or east of Broadway, or in Battery Park City, as I am about what’s happening at West Broadway and Franklin. In essence, I’m defining Tribeca as anywhere I could persuade my partner, Adam, to walk for dinner. And I’m not spelling it TriBeCa because that’s too hard to type.”

    Plus Westville Hudson delivers to Tribeca.