Seen & Heard: The WFC Starbucks Is Closing

••• The wonderful historic signage at 59 Franklin got painted over. What a shame.

••• From a reader: “I’ve recently found out (through store employees) that the Starbucks in the World Financial Center is closing this Sunday. They plan to reopen in a space in 1 World Financial Center on the second level,”—that has to hurt sales—”next to Devon & Blakely, in mid-December. I believe the move is due to upcoming construction. Wondering if the other retailers/restaurants (PJ Clarke’s, Rite Aid, Cosi, Financier, Au Mandarin) must close too (Yushi Sushi also recently closed) and if so, when.” I emailed the WFC press contact but so far they’ve been mum about stuff like this. We’ll see. (And the Broadsheet posted today that Au Mandarin’s last day is Friday. It says the WFC Brookfield Place will “close all of the businesses in the current food court and eventually open a new dining destination elsewhere in the complex,” although whether that includes Rite Aid and Financier, I don’t know.)

••• Babesta hosted a holiday gift preview today for the media, and let’s just say it’s a good thing all around that these panda panties aren’t available in adult sizes. (Oh, I so would.) Also! The renovated Babesta Threads store looks really great. Owner Jenn Cattaui said that the impetus behind it was when she won an interior designer consultation at a P.S. 234 auction—designer Elyse Kroll came in and made a bunch of great suggestions.

••• Something called Graf Bar & Restaurant is coming to the old Sora Lella space on Spring between Hudson and Renwick.

••• A TV show called “The Carrie Diaries” is shooting all over the White/Church/W. Broadway area on Friday. I’m guessing it’s the prequel to “Sex and the City,” although whenever I think about it I keep imagining Sarah Jessica Parker getting splashed with pig’s blood.

••• Robert Janz is getting punny again.



  1. Au Mandarin in WFC will also close at the end of the month

  2. @Dave: That’s in my post!

  3. What a shame? It’s more than a shame, it’s almost criminal to paint over these old signs. I cannot believe that nobody else has commented. Am I the only one who cares or is everyone just so used to it that they have become immune?