Seen & Heard: Nish Noosh Revealed

••• Nish Noosh revealed its new façade—the Medivegeterranean restaurant coming to Church and Reade looks really good! Dare I say, it looks far better than anyone might have expected—in the sort of rusted industrial style that would be right at home at Marc Forgione or Terroir. The opening should just be another week or two away.

••• Barry’s Bootcamp is collecting supplies (see image at right—click to enlarge) for those still in need.

••• Real-estate agent Asaf Bar-Lev compiled a list of short-term rentals for those in need. There’s a PDF and a separate Excel file (of Town exclusives whose owners agree to rent); I can’t embed the latter, so email me if you want it. “I’m happy to assist if anybody needs consultation,” he said. “I also was able to secure reduced moving and storage rates.” (He and his family are out of their building for at least a month. He’s at

••• Participating in today’s Halloween do-over (so far): Boomerang Toys, Reade Street Animal Hospital, ROC, Sarabeth’s Tribeca, Frankly Wines, Warburg Realty, Chambers Street Wines, MaxDelivery on White Street (3-6 p.m.); Polarn O. Pyret (5-8 p.m.); Babesta Threads / Cribz and J&R Jr. (3-7 p.m.). If your business is in, let me know. And no, I don’t think there’s a damn thing wrong with giving kids a bit of joy (and getting parents into more local businesses). UPDATE: Canis Minor and Christina Lehr are also participating. Blaue Gans is welcoming trick-or-treaters from 5-8 p.m.

••• Benares—the Indian restaurant coming to Murray Street—posted its menu in the window. It looks a bit different from the midtown location’s menu (which is online), but you may or may not be able to tell form this photo. I had to shoot from an angle to avoid the reflection. Try clicking to enlarge and zooming way in. Also of note: Lunch prix fixe starting at $10.95.

••• Trying again: Any of you live in 110 Hudson? Your nosy neighbors have a question for you. Email me at

••• Mike & Son barber shop on Church is closed for a renovation.

••• Tomorrow’s collectible today: “SoPo” T-shirts are being sold at; proceeds go to hurricane relief. Thanks to Julie for the heads up.

••• A friendly reminder that if the main way you access this site is via Facebook, you’re probably missing a lot—Facebook is throttling your newsfeed rather tightly these days (and asking businesses to pay to get their posts in front of more people). A better bet: Sign up for the Tribeca Citizen email newsletter—just look for “Subscribe” in the upper right corner of If you hate it, you can unsubscribe with one click. But 2,294 people can’t be all that wrong….

••• The apartment of Matt Abramcyk (Smith & Mills, Warren 77, Tiny’s, and Super Linda) and Nadine Ferber (TenOverTen) is on the market. It’s very handsome, as one would expect (if brighter than one would expect, given the restaurants listed above…).



  1. Thanks for help spreading the word on the Halloween do-over. I know there are bigger things going on out there, but it is important to have some sort of normalcy for our kids. Thanks.

  2. Yes, our poor Tribeca children have been hit so hard by this storm inconvenience. Let’s not overlook the lasting psychological scars these kids will have for years to come if they don’t have a proper Halloween sugar high. Please no one tell them that NYC Marathon was canceled. PLEASE! They are all in a very fragile state right now.

  3. Hey, Jim. Why so hostile, man? Or do you just hate kids in general? Perhaps you don’t know that many Tribeca children volunteered with their parents this past week to help bring food, water, medicine and needed supplies to the elderly and handicapped in lower Manhattan high rise buildings without power? Julie Menin did a great job coordinating our community’s efforts to provide assistance and manpower (and yes, even childpower) where it was needed most, hiking hundreds of stairs and going door-to-door in darkened buildings to check on our neighbors. And many other local families took their children to Staten Island this weekend to assist with the clean-up efforts there. Tomorrow afternoon a local Brownie troop has organized (on their own) a collection of needed supplies for families in the Rockaways. They’ll be loading a truck with the items they have collected at 4:00, outside of Whole Foods. So forgive a few kids for wanting to experience Halloween a few days late. It doesn’t mean they don’t have kind hearts just because they want to put on their Spiderman costume for an hour.

  4. Thank you, Nelle, for putting me in my place. Of course we need to reschedule Halloween!! I hear there are some areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island that are really spooky these days and parents should take their children there after dark for the prime trick-or-treating experience. But only for one hour, then it’s back to the relief efforts children!! Don’t worry, child labor laws have been suspended.

  5. Like a baauussseee!!!

  6. Hey Jim – you know what people with kids think of people without kids?

    They don’t.

    Find something helpful to be angry about.

  7. @J.F.P. – That’s soul crushing news. And just plain mean. Ouchies.

  8. Just good to know that good old bah humbug Smithers made it through intact :)

  9. @ j frank parnell – “… know what people with kids think of people without kids? They don’t.”

    CLEARLY. You are too busy thinking only about yourself and your precious children.

    Also, just as a heads up:
    – no one else finds your kid’s obnoxious behavior in public as adorable as you seem to….
    – if you feel like your friends without kids avoid you because your kids are annoying – it’s 100% true
    – your friends w/out kids DO NOT want to speak to your kids on the phone so stop handing your kid the phone
    – if your kids don’t allow you to complete a conversation with other adults, leave them home…. please stop subjecting your friends w/out kids to excruciating dinners/lunches/outings in general with your annoying, self centered kids.

    So j frank parnell – this is what ALL your friends w/out kids think of people with kids.

  10. People lighten up. Just because someone gives out candies for a belated Halloween does not mean they are oblivious to the bigger challenges NYers face. It is nice of those businesses to bring a little joy in whatever way they can to neighbors of whatever age. If you don’t like kids, please don’t have any. And if parents annoy you, just don’t have any as friends. Spending time ranting is about kids is just plain sad.

  11. What would we do without these village sages? Thank you, thank you, thank you, Nelle, JFP and Cami. For parents who don’t like kids but have them, you can exchange them for a handful of candy at any participating local restaurant between now and the close of business. This is offer is not transferrable. However, as always, strollers are not welcome. Also, just because someone gives out candies for a belated Halloween does not mean they are not oblivious to the bigger challenges NYers face.