In the News: Mexican Restaurant Unrumored

••• As a friend put it: “I am delighted/appalled that Tribeca Citizen has made Page Six.” It was about the rumor from five days ago that Jay-Z bought a generator for his building.

••• “Thanks to some information from Zone A tipsters, we’ve just updated our map of buildings declared ‘Unsafe’ or ‘Restricted Use’ by the Department of Buildings. The latest additions are 184 Kent and 416 Washington.” —Curbed

••• “Related Companies unveiled new model units by Interior designer Jonathan Adler at 225 Rector Place.” —Curbed

••• Photos of the South Ferry subway station. —Gothamist

••• [The item about a Mexican restaurant not coming to the Conrad building was removed at the request of the “news source.” Which is just as well, because it proved false.]


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