Seen & Heard: Where to Drop Off Donations

••• What on earth was 54 Laight thinking? (It’s that great building at the north end of Collister.) Tell me they’re temporary because of the storm.

••• Reader Troy voted alongside Mariah Carey: “She marked ballot for Obama and posed for locals”

••• From Girl Scout Brownie Troop #3368: “We will be outside of Whole Foods [today] at 4 p.m. accepting donations. The donations will be trucked to the Rockaways where there is a community in desperate need of help.  Below are the supplies that are needed. If you could donate even just one thing on this list, it would really help: Rakes, Shovels, Work gloves, Cleaning supplies, Contractor bags, Mops, Flashlights, Lanterns, Candles, Matches, Lighters, Batteries, Paper towels, Toilet paper, Adult diapers, Hand sanitizer, Masks, Bleach, Granola bars, Water, Sterno, Baby food, Baby wipes, Diapers, Jelly, Bread, First Aid items, Toiletries, Feminine products.”

••• From Maxwell’s: “During the next month, Maxwell’s will be accepting donations Monday–Sunday 11 a.m. to  7 p.m. of supplies to those directly impacted by this terrible hurricane. This has hit close to home for our family in Long Beach and Amityville, N.Y. We want to help as much as possible please feel free to spread the word.”

••• Tribeca Canvas has inched closer to opening.

••• From the South Street Seaport Museum: “If you can volunteer to help South Street Seaport Museum for an afternoon (12-4:30pm) this week, contact”

••• I heard from two businesses that lots of kids trick-or-treated yesterday, which made me happy. I was at Frankly Wines when a sombrero-wearing taco walked in.

••• The Matt Bernson sample sale has been moved to Nov. 15-18 (at 302 Bowery, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

••• The NY Kids Club at 393 South End (at Liberty) is accepting donations of baby food, formula, diapers, and blankets.

••• Lady Liberty looks like it might have opened on Broadway, but the sign and the rubber ducks in the window tell me everything I need to know.

••• Truffles Tribeca has reopened, if without elevators, cable, phone, laundry, or parking.

••• From Tribeca Grand and Soho Grand: “This Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10, GrandLife Hotels will be donating 100% of proceeds from their specialty cocktail Safe & Sound as well as $1 from all beer, wine and cocktail purchases to a charity nominated by their DJs each night (8 p.m. to midnight).”

••• Adam Kies would like you to know about a business that went beyond the call of duty: “The Wagging Tail remained open to board dogs and take care of them even after losing power and being located two floors down. The staff slept overnight without heat and provided candlelight and light from flashlights for the animals, who continued to be fed and taken care of. This allowed my family to relocate from our home, which lost power and water. We could not find a place to relocate with our 75-pound dog. The management had indicated via a sign on its front door that it was open. After sending an email to Keith Durst, the owner, we received a note back with a picture of a hidden walkie talkie which we were instructed to call down with. Then, an attendant came from the second sub-basement up to meet us. There was obviously no buzzer or camera to get the attention of those two floors below, so this was a clever solution. If no email, there was a sign indicating that an attendant from the Wagging Tail would come up to street level every 30 minutes to check for people who wanted to deliver or pick up their dogs.”

••• Have you noticed how fresh 138 W. Broadway is looking? Don’t you just want to rub up against it?



  1. Isn’t 54 Laight a Verizon Wireless building?

  2. The Wagging Tail was great – as they were during 9/11 – open 24/7 and dedicated to our pets for those of us who were out of town/displaced. (I will add that places like Fetch Club told clients to get their pets out the weekend prior to the storm and closed down. I understand they were in Zone A but the Wagging Tail stayed open through 9/11, despite being told to close and being on Greenwich St at the time, also open through the blackout. They are definitely reliable.)

    Also, Worth St Veterinary Center (same building as Wagging Tail) – I cannot say how impressed I was! Dr. DiPolo was updating Facebook constantly, went to the office to check on a sick pet at the Wagging Tail, emailed me to let me know how my dog was, posted pictures of the pets. As soon as power was back up he opened the office on Sunday and offered to reimburse clients for taxi fare due to transportation problems. What an angel! Not many vets would do that.

  3. Kudos to the Northern TriBeCa businesses who so kindly opened their doors to Trick o’Treaters last night! Even those who were not prepared did their very best to offer something sweet (like Kaffe and ‘wichcraft). At one restaurant, the hostess didn’t have anything to offer (and that’s fine! It was Nov 5th — no complaints!), but an amazing diner reached into his own bag and gave my 4YO samurai a beautifully wrapped swag-bag o’candy. Special props to Wolfgang’s, Benvenuto and Locanda Verde for cheerfully having baskets of candy at the ready for distribution.

  4. Re: Wireless Antenna (?) @ 54 Laight – Smithers might refer to it as a ‘Beca “Trick or Treat” munchkin suppression system ;) ha

  5. @Rohin – that’s only a prototype, it’s not fully functional. The toddler-seeking taser darts still have some kinks that need to be worked out. The darts should only slightly bruise, not maim.
    Now that all of the neighborhood children have finished snatching free candy from the financially-weakened local restaurants with their filthy, grubby hands, runny noses, bottomless buckets o’candy and tyrannical parents – maybe these parents can GIVE back to said restaurants by dining out with the whole family this Thursday night at Tribeca’s 1st & Last Annual Hallo-We-Eats. My apologies to all of those residents without children (@Person Without Kids & StrollerlessTribecaHottie), but you’ll need to take one for the team that night or just stay-in until you see the stroller traffic diminish.

  6. I wanted to pass along an email from Brownie troop (3368) leader Teri Foley on the collections at Whole Foods today. Amazing effort by these little ladies.

    We had our event this evening. It was SPECTACULAR to say the least. On a little corner in Manhattan, after I sent out just ONE email to a few friends… this is what happened:

    We collected 100+ blankets for those who still don’t have heat
    Hundreds of diapers and wipes for little babies whose parents have lost everything
    Food ( 40 + loaves of bread)
    Toiletries GALORE!

    And so much more. We also raised $1,123 for our local community center. Amazing!  

    Thank you all for your kind, generous and giving hearts. When the truck pulled away all I kept thinking is how very lucky we all are. Our community is amazing.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,

  7. @Jim, Where will you be dining Thursday? Let’s have our own Tribeca Superbaby?

  8. Seriously, when is Sean Penn going to show up and lead this Sandy relief effort? Damn, what’s taking him so long?

  9. LOVE Jim Smithers!

    Can I help with the taser design, please?

  10. It seems kind of harsh to judge Fetch for evacuating, when many residents of Tribeca did the same thing — employees have families, too. Kudos to Wagging Tail for staying open.

  11. Tribeca students & faculty: RECOVER WRITING formed this week to offer free help with writing assignments to students stressed by Sandy. College and university Writing Centers across the U.S. have opened their virtual doors, and some local institutions– FIT, for example, and LIU–have opened their physical doors. 30- to 60-minute help sessions are available; students can check the listings and see what sounds good, and arrange their own help sessions.

    Find us at RECOVER WRITING on Facebook– no sign in required. Students will get one-on-one feedback and help with any writing assignment, at any stage of the assignment.

    This is a free service.

    Faculty: we’re here for you as well, offering an additional resource with which to support your students.

    Take care, all–

  12. I agree with the Worth Street Veterinary office and Wagging Tails. Dr. Dipolo is beyond compassionate and kind to our senior aged dog. This is a special practice in NYC and I am so happy that our dog is in amazing hands. The Wagging Tails office below it is equally as amazing with our dog who needs some TLC because of his age. They are gentle and caring across the board as well.