Seen & Heard: W. Broadway Renovation

••• I couldn’t quite tell, but is the building at W. Broadway and Worth—where Boomerang Toys once was—being cladded in something marble-y? Maybe it’s plywood….

••• Sushi of Gari appears to have gotten the memo about the overly bright dining-room lighting.

••• From Bubby’s: “Sending out food & supplies to the Rockaways tomorrow. If you have batteries, flashlight or warm coats drop them off at Bubby’s before noon!”

••• Why is Murray Street cobblestoned west of North End? To preserve Battery Park City’s sense of history? Or is it to discourage drivers from speeding?

••• The Museum of Jewish Heritage is giving locals free tickets to a concert by the Gilad Hekselman Trio tomorrow (Wed.) at 7 p.m.: “One of the most exciting Israeli-born musicians on the jazz scene, twenty-something guitarist Hekselman has drawn praise for his smooth sound and impeccable technique. Lower Manhattan Neighbors: Please give your zip code at the box office to receive your free ticket.”



  1. I noticed a couple of plywood sheets up on the old Boomerang space late last week. Thursday, maybe?

  2. I can’t help but believe a cobblestoned Murray St is a safety measure and not a pseudo-historical nod (hell, we’re on landfill!) If you spend any time on the block, you’d soon realize that this speedway to the river can be treacherous for all the kiddies & their furry companions who zip back & forth all day long… I, for one, am glad of it – plus, it looks nice :)

  3. Folks, all of Miami Beach is a “Landfill”. This is the biggest misunderstood urban myth. BPC was built on sand and soil imported like Dubai, Miami, etc.

    And what is the big deal with having aesthetically pleasing cobblestone? I don’t understand the controversy.

  4. Oh, Steve, stop living in your self-controlled little google of a world. There are bigger things happening here than you could possibly fathom. WHY are the Murray Street cobbles running parallel to the sidewalks and not perpendicular?! What are they hiding?!!

  5. Reply to Jim:


  6. The cobblestoned section of Murray is because a park — Teardrop — runs across it. Naturally kids run across and don’t always look both ways and the cobblestones slow traffic a bit. Poets House and the BPC Library branch are right there too. My preference would have been a walking street but there are entrances to two garages and in this country cars always come before pedestrians.

  7. Yes, betty, when will this country value pedestrians over cars? When will the emissions & MPG of our children be more beneficial to use for interstate commerce and leisurely weekend travel than cars? When will the typical 8 yr old be more useful for us to use to get to work than a Ford Festiva or BMW X3/5? I wish CB1 would seriously listen & consider betty’s preferences before passing their ever-so-weighty resolutions. And maybe, just maybe, if we printed out all of CB1’s resolutions and packed them all in burlap bags, we could save several low-lying Zone A (possibly B) properties from future SuperStorms! And then Captain Lloyd Blankfien & Daniel “Danny” Meyer can suck our collective shake, yet dry, shacks!

  8. Go Smithers!