Seen & Heard: Staple Street Scaffolding

••• Ever wanted to see inside the Wooly? Here’s your chance.

••• Alternatively: “CB1 will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting Monday, November 19, 6pm at the Southbridge Towers community room [in 90 Beekman]. City agencies and FEMA will be on hand to provide answers to your questions in the aftermath of Sandy. Also, FEMA is holding workshops for non-profits today and Monday.

••• That was quick: Gigantic Productions has moved into 11 Jay(left). According to its website, the company “specializes in the creation of documentary and news programs about teenagers and young adults.”

••• Preservation Hall Jazz Band is playing City Winery on February 28. I wish the venue asked people how they found out about their shows, because I feel in my bones that I’m sending a lot of business that way. Which means they should advertise here.

••• The ARChive of Contemporary Music‘s holiday record and CD sale is Dec. 8-16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

••• Mini Nosy Neighbor: Do you happen to know how long the scaffolding on staple between Jay and Duane is staying up? —E. E. is not me! I swear! But she already had learned the answer, as I found out during a follow-up exchange: “I asked the Artflag owner this morning and he said he heard six months,” she emailed, “and then more scaffolding would go up on the other side facing Jay for another six months.” That jibes with what I heard from a resident of 165 Duane, who said, “The word is one year of scaffolding!” Got a question? Email it to

••• Last night’s Tribeca Meet & Greet, organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, was at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy on Broadway, and there was an impressive mini-recital of ballet. As a philistine, however, I especially enjoyed the performance by a dancer named Juan. I only started filming midway through (and the jiggling is because I thought I might be able to zoom in).



  1. @KP: What do I look like, a reporter? Of course I should’ve asked. I just sent an email over….