Seen & Heard: Sake Bar Report

ups store••• A UPS Store has opened on Murray between Church and Broadway.

••• Last night, I went to a friends-and-family event at Shigure, the new sake bar at 277 Church (above B Flat). It’s open to the public (and cash-only), but at the request of the owner, I’m waiting a week to give it the full write-up. The space still looks good, and the sake and food were delicious. Shigure, by the way, is one of eight (nine?) Japanese words for types of rain; specifically, it means a type of squall.

ec5k_BlackHoundbar_1••• A press release just came in saying that the Black Hound Bar & Lounge—the bar next to the new SouthWest NY—is open. It’s going for old-school, per the release: “Black Hound, where the wood isn’t stained by beer and the drinks are older than the crowd.” And there are mirrors on the ceiling!

••• Milo Hess sent over some photos of the 1WTC antenna being offloaded from the barge and onto the truck. (Click to enlarge.) Funny, when this process was announced, I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. I misjudged other people’s interest in it, and also my own—all these photos have been really neat. The Tribeca Trib posted on Facebook that last night’s section was the final one.

1WTC antenna by Milo Hess1WTC antenna by Milo Hess1WTC antenna by Milo Hess1WTC antenna by Milo Hess



  1. I happened to look out my window Saturday night and saw it being transported down Greenwich. It was quite impressive.

  2. Walked over to the pier with my pup around 11pm Saturday and there was a lot of activity and bright lights.
    Bittersweet all in all. The pieces going down Greenwich Street were also rather breathe taking. Some of the finishing touches on the outer part of Tower 1 – quite a feat. Very sad too.
    The largest pieces that could not be sent by truck were brought down the Hudson from Quebec.