Seen & Heard: Citibank Unveiled

citibank••• Because of the winter light, I could only take a somewhat pretty photo of the new Citibank at W. Broadway and Duane, which is a shame, because what’s happened to the building is disappointing at best. The dropped ceiling, the disposable bank furniture on prime display, the southern window being devoted to someone’s office….

Liberty Luxe Facebook ad••• I clicked on my first Facebook ad today. The pug is a ploy to get peo0ple’s attention, I guess. Where would they get such an idea? (Although maybe it’s less desperate than the tattooed face above it. Facebook can be such a dump.)

••• I went to the CB1 FiDi meeting last night, hoping to learn about the fitness permit being renewed at “110/120 Church,” but I got had to leave before it came up. I did learn that the 9/11 Memorial is planning a Family Day on Vesey on Sunday, Apr. 21, with a 5K run. Also, the Bill’s Bar & Burger coming to the Marriott at 85 West wanted a 4 a.m. closing (which CB1 is unlikely to do). Two amusing parts: Bill’s said it may occasionally have a DJ for events such as weddings (!), and when the committee’s resistance to 4 a.m. became clear, one rep from the restaurant said they need to stay open late for travelers from abroad who arrive late at night and need something to eat.

••• Also: I’m pretty sure the fitness permit for 25 Broadway is for a Planet Fitness.

••• Spoon! Spoon! Spoon!



  1. That CitiBank is heartbreaking. Happy New Year.

  2. I agree with CJ

    I so don’t heart that citybank. And I don’t want TD at the mailbox space either! Banks and Nail salons, that’s all we are getting now… :(