Seen & Heard: Spider-Man’s Tribeca Loft

spider-man tribeca loft••• Who knew that Peter Parker lives (or should I say lived?) in Tribeca? The new issue of The Amazing Spider-Man starts with a scene in Parker’s loft, and later it says he works in the South Street Seaport at Horizon Labs. Thanks to the folks at Midtown Comics on Fulton for helping me find it! (By the way, is Mary Jane’s favorite movie Blow-Up?)

crave espresso bar••• Crave Espresso Bar is opening on Canal between Sixth and W. Broadway, next to Black Burger. Not to rain on their parade, but every time I walk by that triangular plot I wonder why it hasn’t been more seriously developed.

••• A reader wonders if the Clintons wouldn’t be drawn to this coop penthouse. (Seriously, why would they go for a coop? What coop would accept that level of disruption?)

••• @KennyKane says that Variety Café on Broadway (north of Worth) has closed; indeed, I walked by and a “marshal’s legal possession” order taped in the deli’s window.

••• Ray’s Barber Shop on Chambers (in the Cosmopolitan Hotel) has closed, but it recently opened one at 46 Park Place.

••• Added to the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee agenda: “211 West Broadway, application for a liquor license alteration for Distilled NY.” (We knew that was coming to where Centrico was, but we’ll learn more about it on Wednesday.) And added to the Community Board 1 Landmarks Committee agenda: “257 Church Street, application for storefront renovation.” That’s the southeast corner of Franklin, where I’m assuming Bread Tribeca is reopening, if it is truly moving a few blocks down Church.


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  1. Ha…the real Spidey lived in queens … This poser pictured in the stretch silk T is the guy hanging out at Smith & Mills ;)