In the News: Inside the Dead Rabbit

••• The Broadsheet breaks the news—that was sarcastic—that Philadelphia restaurant El Vez is opening in the Conrad. Of note: It will “seat about 200 diners. During warm weather, [Stephen] Starr hopes to expand his seating capacity with a sidewalk café on Vesey Street, which will host another 70-plus guests. The restaurant is expected to open in October, 2013.” Also, it’s “Tijuana-inspired.”

••• “Having dotted Manhattan with several locations in the past few years, the fast growing office suite company WeWork is searching the financial district for its biggest space yet, several sources say. One option the company is considering is a 125,000-square-foot lease at 222 Broadway, a 32-story, 750,000-square-foot office building.” —Crain’s

••• Tribeca Trib‘s police blotter. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you before, but you have to get one of those really good locks for the gym. A Master one with a dial won’t cut it. I once returned to the locker room at Equinox to find some guy holding my pants.

••• Eater has photos (by Daniel Krieger) of the Dead Rabbit, the FiDi bar that “will hopefully open later this week.”



  1. Why the sarcasm?

  2. @Anne: The CB1 meeting that the Broadsheet is reporting on occurred in November.

  3. @Anne: Actually, it was very early December.

  4. I have recently started reading your website and love it. This seems a little mean spirited.

  5. @Anne: I’m glad you’re enjoying the site, and I’ll try to be nicer (but no promises!).

  6. WHEN IS DEAD RABBIT OPENING?? They are killing me with their constant not-open-yet-edness! Maybe you have an inside scoop on it?

  7. @Annika: No clue. They occasionally release a cryptic message saying it’ll be soon.