The Sketchbooks of Peter Koval (Vol. 3)

Juilliard Building by Peter KovalArtist and photographer Peter Koval graciously agreed to share the paintings he made in Tribeca last month. You can see more of his work and even purchase prints at, and he’s on Twitter at @kovalny. I recommend clicking these to view them larger.

••• The Sketchbooks of Peter Koval
••• The Sketchbooks of Peter Koval (Vol. 2)

west broadway by peter kovalNancy Whiskey Pub by Peter KovalLeonard St by Peter KovalDesbrosses Street by Peter KovalNMoore by Peter KovalCollister Street by Peter KovalReade Street by Peter KovalHudson and Beach by Peter Koval


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  1. I use to own towers now the odeon Do u have any sketches of either of them ??? Joan