Seen & Heard: Saffron Fresh Indian

kembrel popup••• I just checked out Kembrel‘s pop-up shop in a second-floor guest room in the Duane Street Hotel. There’s a bunch of cute stuff (including one rack of clothing each for men and women). It’s around through Sunday.

saffron 98••• I finally had lunch at Saffron Fresh Indian (right), the new Indian restaurant at 98 Chambers, yesterday. I rather enjoyed it! The inside is a big step up, decor-wise, over Pakistan Tea House or Bangal Curry. There’s a small, glassed-off steam table, as at Pakistan Tea House, as well as a menu (when I went back to take a photo, the owner pointed out several dishes that he said are uncommon). I ordered the Platter Special ($9) with two vegetable dishes, channa masala and baingan bhartha (you can also do one chicken dish and one vegetable dish), rice with lentils (daal makhni) ladled over it, and naan. Note: I just noticed that the restaurant’s website says it’s called 98 Saffron. Also: It’s on Seamless.

••• Fun. added a second show (July 23) at Pier 26; Tegan and Sara will open both shows. Tickets on sale Feb. 16.

single_fare_row••• Opening Feb. 13 at RH Gallery on Duane: “Single Fare 3,” an open-call exhibition of artworks on Metrocards. “From 6-7 p.m., all works will be available for $200; after 7 p.m., all unsold works will be available for $100.”

••• The Museum of the City of New York is planning a show of Sandy photos: “Both novice and professional photographers [may] submit images depicting the stages of preparation, destruction and rebuilding for a juried exhibition that will open in April, to coincide with the six-month anniversary of the storm. Consideration will particularly be paid to before and after images of the same subject, highlighting the dramatic effect of the storm. […] Both professional and amateur photographers are invited to submit pictures for consideration. Selections will be made by a jury comprised of photography curators and journalists.Deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m., March 3, 2013. For more information detailing submission requirements, please visit here.”

••• Ninja is selling merch—or maybe it always has been, and it’s just now in the window. The ninja carafe ($30) is sort of wonderful.

ninja merchandise



  1. AMEX Presale is on now for Fun Concert at the Pier.

  2. Thanks for the info on Saffron Fresh Indian. We ordered through Seamless the other night and it was great. Quick delivery and very tasty food. We will order again, for sure.

  3. Wow, what a PAINFUL experience placing a delivery order with Saffron via phone. I asked them to explain the difference between two dishes and I was told that they are just different. Not helpful at all. I also could not understand the order taker due to very heavy accent which made for ordering a very difficult task. Then they had to call me back b/c apparently, they did not write my cc# down correctly. I guess I should try Seamless next time, if I decide to order from there at all. A freaky thing to note- when I gave them my phone #, they were able to pull up my name and home address although I have never ordered from there nor dined there. Perhaps they looked it up on (Reverse phone option to get name and address) but we are unlisted so I find this very disconcerting and will need to investigate further to find out how they have my info.

  4. We have ordered from here a couple of times and absolutely love it !!
    The taste is very original and cooked perfectly, with fast and courteous service.

    Will be our favorite for Indian food.