Seen & Heard: Another Lindsay Lohan Sighting

••• I imagine this sounds like I’m making stuff up just to get traffic, and I honestly don’t post every rumor I hear (although sometimes I’d like to) but I’ve now heard from someone else who saw Lindsay Lohan giving advice at 39 N. Moore. What’s more, the word is that the plans are for a “high-end Mexican restaurant.” Lohan may not be officially involved, but she has allegedly been there twice. (Also, does anyone else think there will come a day when people decide she’s totally badass?) I do hope that whoever is behind these plans either goes to tonight’s meeting of the Community Board 1 Tribeca Committee or reads my unofficial minutes, because there’s no way that space will get approval for a DJ or late closing hours, and they’d spare us a lot of hassle if they knew that going in (whenever they decide to go before CB1, since they postponed their application for at least a month). UPDATE 2/11: Representatives for the owner of the space contacted me to set the record straight. They said that a high-end Mexican restaurant is indeed interested in the space, but no deal is done yet. If it works out, they will be applying for a liquor license, but they won’t have a DJ booth and they won’t be asking for a 4 a.m. closing. And they said the restaurateurs have absolutely no contact with Lindsay Lohan: “They don’t even know her.” (I suggested that if someone who even looks like Lindsay is hanging out and giving advice, they might do well to keep her away for a while.)

••• Citibank—or Bouleybank, as one reader called it—has opened at W. Broadway and Duane.

••• Nothing like reading Cynthia Carr’s excellent David Wojnarowicz biography, Fire in the Belly, to make you realize how much downtown has changed. Nice to see Tribeca’s Hal Bromm in it, though!

••• The New York Kids Club coming to 88 Leonard is looking at an April opening.

••• If you were holding out hope that Vestry Wines would move back to its old space, sorry. (Thanks to the reader who sent the photo in.) Does this mean it’ll be known as Hubert Wines?

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  1. does anybody know if John Allan’s nextdoor to the old vestry wines place is moving back? Looks also dark since weeks…

  2. Hi,

    I know John Allen’s is coming back…

    Original date was February – but then were some delays re: building systems work.

    They are waiting for the building to give them the go ahead but have been told to anticipate April / May re-start of operations at that location

  3. You didn’t see Lindsay. That’s hogwash. You are just a real estate hoople trying to be a gadfly. Lindsay is out hanging with cool people and partying like a movie star. You are in bed at 10 and you are paunchy and couldn’t get into any cool clubs so forget it.

  4. “Also, does anyone else think there will come a day when people decide she’s totally badass?”

    Well there are dumbfucks out there who think that about a human piece of garbage like Chris Brown, so I guess anything’s possible.

  5. It will be announced tomorrow via press conference that indeed, Ms Lohan will be at the helm of Cinco!, a new hospitality concept to be launched here in TriBeCa. The will be a DJ booth, dancer cages and THREE bars in this authentic high end venue. I personally can’t wait!!

  6. “Ms Lohan”? Who calls her that? The judge or the sheriff? PR people are hilariASSly transparent.