Seen & Heard: Car Fire Trick

••• “Here’s a great trick to try out at the new flatbread pizza place on Hudson St/Canal,” emailed Jonathan Fine (along with the above photo). “When it’s dark, stand inside the front door at just the right spot, and you can catch the reflection of the pizza oven on the street—and if a car’s stopped at the light at just the right time, it looks like it’s on fire.”

••• There’s demo happening at 443 Greenwich. (Thanks to the reader who sent the photo in.) Did we ever find out for sure that it’s all condo, no hotel?

••• “How do New Yorkers pronounce Thames (as in Thames St. in Battery Park City)?” emailed N. “I presume phonetically and not like the river—but I’ve never heard anyone actually pronounce it.” I assumed it was like the river, but then I realized I wasn’t sure I’d ever heard it. Do tell.

••• Duane Park restaurant has closed, as expected; it’s opening in its new location (308 Bowery) on March 8.

••• The Steven Alan showroom at 87 Franklin as a Shinola bike in the window—a hint of what to expect when Shinola opens at 177 Franklin later this year.

••• Chris needs your help: “I am a longtime subscriber of the online newsletter, and I’m currently searching for an apartment in the area (or Soho, Nolita, Noho, Chinatown, etc.—lower Manhattan) and have a question which I am hoping you may be able to provide some guidance on. The question is, do you know of any no-fee or low-fee ‘brokers’ or sources for apartment rentals in the area? Any advice or direction would be appreciated.” I don’t have a clue, but if you do, either say so in the comments or email me at and I’ll pass it along.

••• @BenZumsteg tweeted about how “That Club Monaco Tribeca campaign now has a behind-the-scenes video… lots of recognizable stuff.”



  1. I pronounce Thames like the river. My building’s back door is on W. Thames St, and it’s often a battle to get a cab driver to understand the street name. I have heard a few people pronounce it phonetically, but most pronounce it like the river.

  2. pretend the h isn’t there. This isn’t England after all…

  3. Huh? In England the h is silent. If you wanted to Americanize it, you’d pronounce the h.

  4. That’s my band’s song in the Club Monaco spot!

  5. Love the song, Jason!

  6. What is the status of 443 Greenwich?