Custom Shirtmaker Opening on Duane Park

The western edge of Duane Park is about to become menswear central, at least for Tribeca: Besides J. Crew’s Ludlow Shop at 50 Hudson, French shirtmaker Manuel Racim will soon be moving into 44 Hudson (where Cytex used to be).

From the website:

ManuelRacim is the story of two good friends who first met in a Parisian high-school in the late 1990’s. As their career advanced, Manuel in Paris and Racim in New York, they became fellow customers of a small Made-To-Measure Shirts boutique in the second arrondissement of Paris. Manuel enjoyed the proximity of the store and the wide range of choices and Racim took advantage of his regular trips to France to order as many shirts as he could. Now, Manuel and Racim are bringing Made-To-Measure Shirts made in France to New York, with the promise that customer care and quality at the right price will be the core of their proposition: making it easy for everyone to have a perfectly fitted shirt, designed to ones’ own and unique taste and made with the highest savoir-faire in the world and high-quality fabrics. ManuelRacim brings you the best from where it originates, French craftmanship and highest-grade Italian fabrics. ManuelRacim’s tailors and style advisors will understand your smallest concerns, the finest distinction of style and will be able to guide you through every step towards the shirt that you deserve.



  1. Very exciting!

  2. Mens best shirt is white – I like your LOGO since my son is named MR
    I like to see your new shop when I am in New York soon.
    How close you are to The Standard High Line ?

    Greetings from Copenhagen Denmark looking newsletter from Tribeca.

  3. I hope they will start to do custom shirts for women as well. That would be great! I buy off the rack blouses and then have to get them tailored to get a better fit, which isn’t ideal.